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  1. 40grit

    Farr 40

    I'm having trouble connecting, rail manipulated hydraulics, to owning big racer to show how much money I've spent. I'm proud of my Farr40, never gave the hydraulic sticks that much credit.
  2. 40grit

    Rudder tube/bearing rebuild

    We can make you a new rudder. And machine a bushing. I wouldn’t cut the tube out.  steve  714-435-9788 cell
  3. 40grit

    Rudder Drop Anarchy

  4. 40grit

    Rudder Drop Anarchy

    More photos.
  5. 40grit

    Sailing Toolbox

    Nothing better than a prepared and evolving kit. My starting point, is Nigel’s book. His tool box list an excellent guide. 
  6. 40grit

    Gelcoat over Epoxy

    At my shop, we have encountered these failures. From experience, the epoxy chemistry affects cure. Especially fresh epoxy substrate.  We have found, after failures have been cleaned up, a second coat has no more problems.   
  7. 40grit

    Rudder Drop Anarchy

    Good advice,  We’re particular about the foam we use. And have evolved over time, 50 years.  I wouldn’t describe our armatures, as floating in a pool of foam. At fifteen pounds a square, the density would be closer to brick like. 
  8. 40grit

    Rudder Drop Anarchy

  9. 40grit

    Rudder Drop Anarchy

    We will make you a new one 
  10. 40grit

    bill herrschaft

    Loved him dearly, always happy to see you, had the uncanny ability to always know some tidbit about what you were doing.  huge loss for me personally, and for the sailing community.  never forget his infectious laugh. 
  11. 40grit

    S2 7.9 - Exploding Daggerboard!

    We would be glad to fix it. Obviously we need the keel. Process, would foam the lead in a box mold using 15 pound foam. Then re shape, laminate and post finish. Picture lead core surfboard.  we see a lot of failures when things cycle freeze thaw. 
  12. 40grit

    Comment by '40grit' in album 'Irwin 68 "Seabrook" Repairs'

    great work, beautiful boat. as a glass guy, I'd not go with the original chain plate design, especially after all the great work pictured here, 
  13. 40grit

    SO Cal Newport to where ever you decide to finish

    I'm going, first one was 1973 an islander 36 finished Sunday morning. no were not rounding the islands, nor stopping in Dana Point, Were going to have some tequila in Husongs and celebrate the classic event, and toast our southern hosts. yes it has its ups and downs. one in ten will blow and its...
  14. 40grit

    8 Bells. Ken Havard. Boatman, Racer and Diver.

    Very sad news. Solid and colorful character. 
  15. 40grit

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    Then add some lead, I have no dog in this fight, and I’m not someone’s dad.  I am someone who builds parts for profit. That includes, dealing with the spray booth authorities, Firemen with clipboards, badges, and all that comes with running a business.  I pity this builder, and sneer at all...
  16. 40grit

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    This is the best response to this mess I’ve read. Period. I’m a boat builder, And had the misfortune of dealing with Onedesign knowitall’s this whole affair smacks of little league dads, with attitude.  Step back and assess the bigger picture. You have a huge event, and dismissed 40 percent of...
  17. 40grit

    Harbor 20 Championship

    Thank goodness for this concept design. If not for the humble 20 the electric boat would have infested the world.  And I like hanging out at NHY
  18. 40grit

    Replacing rudder

    Dude, it pains me to read your post. We can build your rudder in two weeks and ship it to you world wide, for under 4K US dollars  give or take a week of shipping. 
  19. 40grit

    Jetty crash and loss of life

    Thank you 

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