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    caption contest

    Which way? No way!
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    Has the Raymarine autopilot thinking process improved? sells the same actuator as the Pelagic but with rudder feedback incorporated in the drive. It works well with my NAC-2 autopilot and should work with Raymarine gear as well.
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    B&G Triton 2 / WS 320 inaccurate AWA and TWA

    Are you sure it is AWA that is faulty? There are no calculations involved in AWA that use Speed as measured by paddle wheel (STW) or SOG. Do you maybe mean TWA that is faulty? TWA is calculated using STW by default. You say you are using SOG, that is possible but it will only work well on water...
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    Pelagic tiller autopilot

    I am using the standard actuator on a 34ft displacing yacht of 4.5 ton. The actuator has more than enough power.  I am using it with a NAC-2 AP, but that should not make any difference. Also, this actuator is really silent. To me this is an indication that the actuator is not operating at its...
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    Hide your hardware

    I got a 20 year old yacht with the instrument displays above the hatch in a garage. It houses 5 autohelm displays. I am in the process of replacing them with two Triton2's. I am a little afraid that they get stolen as they are out in the open. So I am considering to spray the instrument covers...

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