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    MAT 1220

    Yeah it seems it'd be decent in the light airs at that weight despite it's powerful hull shape. I don't think any of the 1340's have been built but this 1220 seems to be a pretty similar little brother to it.
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    MAT 1220

    What do people think of the new MAT 1220? Seems like a pretty interesting design from Mills. Any news of results so far? Would be interesting to see the different configurations with twin vs single rudders and fin vs bulb keel.
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    Race Boat Websites

    Most race boats just use a whatsapp group but i have seen one or two use Teamer.
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    Needing good shoes I have these which i use on the bow and they are great, have used them hard for a full season and they stil look like new and are very lightweight.
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    The cockpit layout is lovely on the j112e but the only problem i find with them is the spinny getting caught on the forward cabin doors if not careful during a hoist. Apart from that it is very similar to a j109 but the cockpit is a bit bigger and much better laid out.