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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Is huge geography anything like huge tracts of land?
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    Bad Times in Mobile

    ^sidmon I see what you are saying about the 'weather eye' aspect of this storm after watching the video of the boat riding it out that DryArmour posted. It at first looked no worse than crap I've been caught out in in my Laser where lightning and low visibility are the biggest concerns. Then the...
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    Bad Times in Mobile

    First off, deeply sorry to hear about this, but not surprised after living, working outside and sailing in the US South for 25 years. Huge shoutout to puffyjman for their rescue. Second; +1000 to DryArmour and sidmon's posts. Frontal severe weather is a big deal and you can usually see it...
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    Laser with an I14 rig

    Nice video work, Rolfe'd. And for fuck's sake, WHAT'S IT RATE?
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    Italian cruise ship tragedy

    Damn. Glad this company doesn't also run an airline
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    Tropical Wx in an otherwise boring 2011 season

    I live in Homestead but am sailing in San Francisco all week. Let boring continue!!!
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    Looking for Chutzpah and Magic

    SCR, When you get all this history together, are you going to publish it? Book, internet, whatever? Cool ass project!
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    Laser Worlds

    I'll be easy to find I'll be the only chick racing fullrig. I'll buy the first round!
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    Laser Worlds

    Thanks for that link, NautiGirl! It's a great view today as it shows Bill rolling by. I'm leaving Miami for the Masters this Friday-serious road trip. And the hurricane's going to be up there in Canada rather than down here in Florida. Hope it goes east of y'all. Breeze on for the kiddos!
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    Laser ACC - May 2-3 and June 6-7

    Can you have two fleets (the fulls & radials) racing on the same days? It seems like that would be the most fun; everybody from young kids to grizzled old 'die in your Laser' types would all be there together, and people could decide which rig they wanted to use on the morning of...
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    Laser ACC - May 2-3 and June 6-7

    Let everybody race together in their fleet (fullrig or radial) but give awards for top junior, top woman, top Master in each age category (apprentice, master, grandmaster, greatgrandmaster), in each rig. It makes it more fun for the midfleet guy-maybe s/he can't be first overall but they can try...
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    Laser ACC - May 2-3 and June 6-7

    DEFINENTLY leave the Radial and Standard rig fleets open.
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    Do Laser Masters Sailors Lurk Here?

    Yup. Doing the whole Masters week in FLA. 40 this year and planning on going to Nova Scotia this fall. Would like to get up to Wrightsville Beach in May, too, if I could get the time off. 181839
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    Yeah, people, let's get back on track here. Anna ran a phenomenal campaign over the last four years, staying focused and peaking at the right times. She is a great competitor; confident without being arrogant, constantly evaluating her performance to improve it, and a generally helpful and...
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    Olympic Anarchy

    I'm really fucking psyched to see Florida homeboy Zach Railey duking it out with Ben Ainslie in Finns. Go Zach!!! Nice third race by Andrew Campbell in Lasers, and keep up that consistency, Anna T!
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    XXX Annual J/24 Midwinters

    Go get 'em Hellhound! Represent for So Fla!
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    Dumbass Memorialized Sailing Move of 2007

    Oxygen Mask's #2 photo-that's gotta be a J24 by the looks of the rudder and the fact that it is upside down
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    Good to hear Tito is still sailing! I remember him from Nationals a long time ago.
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    My dad had a Zephyr when I was growing up. It was a smaller singlehanded version of the International 110. Long skinny hull with a short rig but they were great in breeze on San Francisco Bay. There was a decent fleet there in the '70's and early '80s. We had Nationals every year on Clear Lake...
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    Your favourite 3 sailing boats

    Nice to see Internatrional 110 mentioned. I was leaving CORK (Kingston ONT) last Aug when the 110's were showing up-looks like some nice folks still racing those. My dad had a Zephyr on SF Bay when I was growing up...feel another thread coming on. OK back to this one: 1. Lasers. Can't think of...