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    Bolt question- engine mount bracket to flywheel housing

    Use place head bolts and hardened flat washers. We used them to to keep combat tank engine to transmissions joints from loosening.
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    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    I can get about $1500 as scrap metal. I'd like it to be used rather than junked. How about $2500 or offer. Its located in the SF Bay area BTW.
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    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    I have a J100 shoal draft keel, just removed from my J100, for sale if anyone is interested. 
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    Santa Cruz Yachts

    Wildcard - 2015 Jazz Cup 1st in division T, 3rd overall corrected 94 boats. First race after 4 yrs in storage. Extremely light air conditions, so much for "sticky in light air" expert comments...
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    Santa Cruz Yachts

    Congrats to Celerity! And thanks for the kind words Bob. I own SC37 hull #7 WILDCARD. My SC37 is SF Bay based but has been in storage for 4 years while I was working in Abu Dhabi. Since retuning earlier this year I have repaired all known weaknesses including keel box structure and leaks, spin...
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    Bottom paint j/70 effect on resale?

    Richmond YC can easily launch J70s. There are two in trailer storage now. BTW the one with bottom is on a winning roll, Trans Tahoe and maybe three beers cans in a row. We'll see after next two one designs races at St Francis.
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    Yachting in Dubai

    Not so bad here depends on your attitude. Anybody can complain. If you open up and look around you might be surprised find some cool stuff here in UAE. See
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    Chris Corlett

    The Bay Area has had a bad couple of years with too early loss of great sailor citizens. When I started racing in the mid 80s I envied the guy a little younger than me on the really cool boat that blew past me. He seemed to have some magic on a boat. I thought of him as a fierce competitor...
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    Bull 7000

    one sunk here in abu dhabi last year. never figured out why, it washed up on a rock wall and destroyed itself. so be careful.
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    Killed in Afghanistan...

    Richard RIP and Thank you for your service.
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    Starting another Dart..

    Congrats Jim and Mark! Its a wonder how things turn out. I remember introducing Jim, who was living with his wife on his cramped Columbia 26(?) at the time, to the B25 almost 20 years ago to the day when I brought my new B25 Zilla to Sierra Point Marina. Like me, he really loved that boat...
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    Starting another Dart..

    Mr Abu is back after a long weekend in Oman. That is some pic of me. My beard is all grey now. Wow a shot of Defiance! Ah the memories.
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    Starting another Dart..

    Jim digging this thread from Abu Dhabi. I find this all very fasinating. Never thought about how nasty smelly boat building is. Cheers Mark
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    Left Coast Dart Auction

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    Left Coast Dart Auction

    Hey Jim the Dart would be perfect over here but I'm in Abu Dhabi seems delivery would be tough. ! See the wifes blog for details. Yer SPYC buddy Mark
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    8 bells Rob Moore?

    Is it true? He passed? So sad. One of my probs with SA were the unwarranted comments about a kind guy like Rob.
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    Sailing in Abu Dhabi

    That would be reasonable...I'll do more checking
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    Sailing in Abu Dhabi

    I thought about shipping it. Surprized me but the mast splits to two sections but the width is 10'3" or so. Too big for a flat rack I fear. I'm gonna recheck but I think its about $50K to ship from SFO.
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    Sailing in Abu Dhabi

    I'm taking and expat gig in Abu Dhabi for a few years. We just finished storing our SC37 in the 'garage', that's it shown below on the trailer posing next to the Hwy 88 Carson Pass lookout. I would appreciate any Anarchist tips on the local sailing scene. I fear most of the sailing is in Dubai...
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    Big Boat Series Fast 40 Division

    With all these problems, can someone explain why IRC is better than PHRF?

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