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    Ink Anarchy

    I think the Wall Street Journal had an article that cited a statistic about tattoos: about 15% of people who get them regret getting a tattoo. If I had won the Stanley Cup or qualified for the Olympics, I'd get those tattoos. But, Otherwise, I'm just too conservative to get one. Had...
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    All is Lost: *Spoilers / mistake list

    It's possible that any consultants involved in the movie made recommendations that were ignored by the moviemakers. I've worked for several studios, not in theatrical production or marketing, but had a conversation with a consultant who recommended against something that the moviemakers proposed...
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    Sailing lessons in France

    I'm interested in the possibility of taking sailing lessons in France, in French. I've taken JWorld classes here in the U.S. and have been sailing/racing on our Soverel 33 for the past five or six years, doing pit and snacktician. My French is in the intermediate range. So I'm thinking that...
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    This One Takes The Cake:

    I was on the committee boat that received the jumper from Mako. For the record, the jumper was not in a leather coat and jeans. He was wearing something like a track suit and tennis shoes (not full-on sailing gear). He was carrying the horseshoe that he had with him in the water. He was very...
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    Cat Skiing Anarchy (+vid)

    I've gone heli skiing four times out of Revelstoke BC. It's worth it.
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    I lost my taste

    I lost sensation in the lower left side of my face, along the lower jaw, for about six months after getting an injection and the dentist's. Sensation slowly came back but it took about six months. Better talk to your dentist. Good luck!
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    Water Heater Anarchy

    We're just finishing getting an Eternal gas tankless water heater to replace the old water heater (tank-type) that could heat up one great shower, one kind of hot shower and after that you're taking a quick shower. The new unit is in the basement (not outside) with flues set up to exhaust...
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    Best snow in S. America (for skiing)

    Gotta follow up on some of the comments... I've heard of all of these resorts... The quality varies from year to year? It's not like in the U.S. where, for example, Lake Tahoe and Mammoth tend to have heavier snow than say, Utah, where it tends to be drier and fluffier? So I guess I'm looking...
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    College major advice

    There were a lot of engineering undergrads in my MBA program. In general, they did really well. Most of the top full-time MBA programs like applicants to have three to five years of business experience. It's a good idea. We had a few that came directly from undergrad and they were very smart...
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    College major advice

    FWIW, foreign languages have traditionally been taught very poorly in the U.S., especially at the high school level. College is sometimes better.
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    Best snow in S. America (for skiing)

    Yes, too late for 2010. Thinking about summer 2011.
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    Best snow in S. America (for skiing)

    We're interested in the possibility of skiing in S. America during our (N. American) summer. What resort has the best quality (lightest powder) and quantity? Someone recommended Valle Nevado, near Santiago, but this recommendation may not be based on best snow.
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    Fucking Aussies

    Cunt is probably the most taboo of all taboo words in American English. I cuss all the time (mixed company or not) and I would be hard pressed to EVER say the C word (other than quoting someone else, almost always a guy, as a comment on how shocking it was that the word was used). So calling...
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    They're all multi-culti in a very good way. I saw them at Disney Concert Hall a few years ago. Ozomatli ya se fue!
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    TdF Time!!!!

    Wait! I don't know which version of the events to believe: BG or Cycling News? Anyway, we're leaving Wed for France and will be viewing several stages of the TDF. Can't wait! Also, in somewhat related news, I still have a crush on Andy Schleck and hope he wins.
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    Taco bell

    Does the U.K. have Pizza Huts? Then maybe you'll be able to go to the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.
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    TdF Time!!!!

    Not a prediction, but what I want/hope will happen: Andy Schleck Dave Zabriskie Lance Armstrong Frank Schleck Contador crashes out on the cobbles.
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    UCLA Football

    Alas! Could we go back to talking about Coach Wooden's passing? No?
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    My pregnant niece

    I'm with you on the games being totally lame, as well as the whole baby shower thing. But that seems to be the tradition. I enjoy buying gifts for parents-to-be but the baby showers are excruciating to me. The only way I could bear to get through the showers was to get ultra-competitive during...
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    Arcachon, Biscarrosse-Plage, France

    Thanks for the advice! I made reservations at a hotel in Biscarrose Plage last night. I think it will all work out nicely.