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  1. Man Overboard

    INEOS Team GB

    Slow eh? lol.
  2. Man Overboard

    Prada Cup

    Try establishing your VPN connection then opening a new private/incognito browser window and then head to YouTube. Make sure you're not logged in to YouTube.
  3. Man Overboard

    ROLLCALL - MIA Anarchists

    You got everything but the attitude bit right.  ;)
  4. Man Overboard

    ROLLCALL - MIA Anarchists

    All I can say is fuck you all for not missing me. If you simply didn't ever notice me then fuck you again, I have a really big mast, you should care.
  5. Man Overboard

    The definitive Ground Effect thread.

    Yes, indeed, exactly the same naval architect, great guess!
  6. Man Overboard

    Team NYYC

    No doubt they also had their schedules baked in a long time ago and these practice sessions are a late arrival. At this stage of the game no team is going to sacrifice their plans for some practice races. If you were otherwise going to be out on the water then fine, but if was meant to be in the...
  7. Man Overboard

    The definitive Ground Effect thread.

    My calculations indicate that ground effect on a water-based vessel would quite probably suck the sea out of the ocean so I don't think we should try that. Think of the poor fish.
  8. Man Overboard

    Practice Races This Week

    Two packs of B&H 20's and a can of Coke. Proper sailor's material that. 
  9. Man Overboard

    AC36 - The Venue

    ^ that happens to be the best movie ever made.
  10. Man Overboard

    AC36 - The Venue

    Dalton is successful. Blake was successful and endeared himself to a nation. Big difference. Dalton needs to stop being a dick before he'll get the credit his success deserves. His post Match performance the other day was spiteful and embarrassing. But on topic. The next Cup should be in the...
  11. Man Overboard


    Unfriendly and can't start?
  12. Man Overboard

    Oracle Team Have Been Stealing NZ Flags In Bermuda

    Who cares, he dies halfway through the episode. But who took the photo? :blink:
  13. Man Overboard

    Oracle Team Have Been Stealing NZ Flags In Bermuda

    Did you not see the pics? Edit: ninja'd  :ph34r:
  14. Man Overboard

    What will Jimmy try tomorrow, his last ace ?

    That's hilarious (*) is he still holding the tiller? "We. Can. Still. Steer. Out. Of. This. Oh. Shit." Dude in the background is like "nope, they're fucked". * assuming nobody was seriously hurt
  15. Man Overboard

    Will Spithill be swapped out as helmsman for tomorrows racing?

    Oracle can't risk swapping him out unless they know they have a better helmsman. I'm not sure they know this do they? With no chances left, better the devil you know after all. If they were ever going to swap him out it would have been for today.
  16. Man Overboard

    Oracle Team Have Been Stealing NZ Flags In Bermuda

    Choose to believe what you will but most people will disagree with your opinions of flags. But I suspect you know this already. A good test for your cloth theory would be to sew a USA flag onto your backpack and travel to just about anywhere in the world outside North America (*) and see how...
  17. Man Overboard

    Oracle Team Have Been Stealing NZ Flags In Bermuda

    Physically, yes they are. But flags are more than the sum of their parts. You've clearly never been in the military, or the Boy Scouts or owned a superyacht.
  18. Man Overboard

    What will Oracle modify during these 5 days to try to recover

    Of course Oracle have an ace up their sleeves, we all know it. They're going to put Lance Armstrong inside their wing. No need to doubt me, I know pretty much everything.

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