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    Opti vs laser

    My vote is for the Laser.  The problem with them is you always get beat by some 110 pound kid who weighs that soaking wet
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    Don't steal a sailboat on a windy day

    Harbor Patrol Officer David Hill described his initial reaction as confused and said, “We’re like, 'Whose boat is that?' and my supervisor’s like, 'That’s one of our boats, that’s one of our impounded boats. What’s someone doing on it?'" That's awesome.  They speak Valley Girl !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Classic Video on Sailtrim

    The boat that hans was on is one a crewed on years ago.  The mighty White Fire.  J-35
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    Stolen boat in Newport Beach this morning. Doesn't end well. (Thursday, March 10, 2022)

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    Raid on Rio de Janeiro

    Wow.  Twelve seconds into that video is some SERIOUS rail meat
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    Raid on Rio de Janeiro

    Very Cool I like the people on the beach going about their business.  Something you guys see everyday is it?
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    Caption Contest

    Nice hoist up there on the foredeck !!!
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    ESPN 30 for 30: Ted Turner's Greatest Race

    Ted is my Idol Love the mouth of the south One of my favorites is the one where he Defends the cup. The NYYC wanted no part of him but his performance forced them to choose him to Defend the cup.  Once Robbie Doyle recut the sails, he was fast.
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    For foredeckers who think they are bad-asses..

    I Love the dog.  Bites you if you try and pet him and the Captain riles him daily saying that is for doing nothing.  Imagine what would happen if you did something
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    Duracell Rebuild Project

    Love the Ragtime music in the middle Old boat was laid out nicely inside
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    Chain of Rocks

    Looking at the drone footage was the mast an option that he chose not to buy?
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    Caption this

    What happens when you get towed outside the enviornment and re enter it again.
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    USS Connecticut Nuclear attack submarine underwater collision

    From G Captain today The leadership of an American nuclear-powered submarine that hit a seamount in the South China Sea last month will be relieved of command, U.S. officials told Reuters on Thursday. The U.S. Navy fast-attack submarine Connecticut hit the submerged object last month but there...
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    Chain of Rocks

    So the current has carried the boat out of the environment Yes where all there is is birds and fish...................................................and twenty thousand tons of crude oil..............and fire
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    Harken - Ransomware Attack?

    I now that they couldn't ship for about a week
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    Pettit Trinidad HD (SR replacement) experience?

    I don't believe Irgarol was banned.  BASF let the patent expire on it " by accident"  The accident was they were not making enough money on it.  Everyone switched to PTFE which is like tefelon.  Someone tried to bring out the Irgarol a few years after but they were undercapitolized
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    USS Connecticut Nuclear attack submarine underwater collision

    I guess this one was built so the front didn't fall off !!!!! At least they didn't have a nuclear leak that had to be towed outside the enviornment
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    The Front Almost Fell Off....

    And the moral of the story is that Captain Chatchie learned and will now never forget what a whistle signal of five blasts means......................
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    The back fell off

    Got hit by a wave, chance in a million One of the funniest clips ever
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    Trimaran Capsized off shore of Portsmouth, NH

    Many of us think of the Coasties as pains in the keister to be avoided if at all possible . .   Until we need them.  Amen Brother

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