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  1. Mark M

    Air Conditioning Maintenance

    I kept the "female" end of an old dock hose for flushing of my AC. About 5'long. When time to flush, disconnect the "in" line from the AC unit, hoseclamp the stub of garden hose to it, hook up the dock hose, and let it run. After that, reconnect the seawater inlet hose to the A/C, disconnect the...
  2. Mark M

    Mainsail Cover Graphics

  3. Mark M

    dep regs for painting

  4. Mark M

    Detailer waxed the non-skid

    Detailer spends an afternoon with acetone and a lot of paper towels? Anything like a wash with dishwashing soap will take forever to get the wax out of nonskid, but paradoxically have runoff that will take it off the sides of the hull during the rinse.
  5. Mark M

    stainless steel bolts

    Lowes tends to carry a modest supply of SS fastenders. Better than Home Depot, which is basically better than nothing.
  6. Mark M

    windlass number 2

    Not entirely accurate. They use Quick handheld controls, but at least beneteau still uses Lewmars on the big boats.
  7. Mark M

    which electric random orbital?

    No matter what, just get a 6", you'll be thankful. They make the work much faster than a 5". The Ridgid 6" RO has a great combination handle. There is a palm handle on the backside of the motor, or the grip that projects from the side. There is also the T-handle at the front which is...
  8. Mark M

    Waterproof speakers

    Polyplanar box speakers work well, hold up to wintering uncovered even for a few years, and cost a lot less than the Bose. I was turned on to them by an audio engineer live aboard years ago and replacd spme Bose speakers that disappointed me. I bought a new set for the new boat two years ago...
  9. Mark M

    Strataglass Dodger Windows

    Anybody have experience with EZ2CY? Interested in durability, longevity, scratch resistance, etc.
  10. Mark M

    If music be the food of love...PLAY ON

    The Fusions are excellent, and the expense includes the digital amplification that actually lowers power consumtion. I have the Fusion MS 600AV, the one that can also play DVDs but doesn't take the iPod internally. Instead I just have a simple cable snaked behind the panel to a small covered...
  11. Mark M

    People line up to turn in guns to cops

    Great gun store myth. I don't mean to be condescending, but that sound is too late to do any good and most crackheads don't watch enough TV to even know what that rackety-clack sound is. "Stop or I'll shoot" is a sound they understand and may do something useful, like give them cause to...
  12. Mark M

    XMAS lights

    At a garage sale we found a special tool that looks like a 50+ foot long extending boathook, made of orange fiberglass, built for this purpose. No label on it, clearly commercially made. Not super strong, the lowest section is about the outside diameter of my 4" forespar spin pole, the innermost...
  13. Mark M

    Removable Solar Vent

    I'm looking for something removable to put on deck to ventilate the anchor locker, which is open on deck only through a windlass, or into the forepeak through a watertight hatch. Rode that goes in wet stays wet becuase there just isn't enough airflow around the chain through the windlass...
  14. Mark M

    Kid wanted to see what the black of space looked like

    At 0:25 they show a "low altitude" test with it hanging from a cluster of balloons. Ironically, I was in Prospect Park in Brooklyn that day and actually saw them doing this, and wondered about it with my wife and some of her co-workers. Sort of cool to now understand what they were actually doing.
  15. Mark M

    best way to get out screw plugs without ruining screw head

    Sand the finish before you even start working, and hope that the plug wasn't glued in place.
  16. Mark M

    French Toast = Old Shoes

    Call me cynical, but it almost looks like she knows the camera is rolling. Maybe this was a re-enactment? Inquiring minds want to know. Maybe she was wearing a different uniform the first time... And I've never been called a newb here. Few people have that rank.
  17. Mark M

    Prop gunk

    Odd, I use it (the Petit zinc coat barnacle barrier) every year and the prop comes out barnacle-free after wintering in the water, and I'm in a very heavy fouling area with a lot of runoff. Before I started using this my prop had to be chipped free each spring, as do all my neighbors still who...
  18. Mark M


    wash with heavy dose of oxiclean, let sit for a while, less harmful to the stitching and less oxidizing to the sole than regular bleach. Then dry completely, not partially. Don't let them sit in a closet to dry, put them in the dryer. Microwaving may also help if you "really" nuke them.
  19. Mark M

    Gas Grill Anarchy

    Actually, I just talked to the lovely lady at Kuuma, who told em exactly how to detach the regulator so I can try cleaning the gas orfice before buying a new one. So I'm going to try that, and will PM you over the weekend (can't from work) as I'll still buy yours as a spare if you go that route...
  20. Mark M

    New York Hotels

    Should go without saying to avoid the Standard like the plague. Unless you want the missus to come home with a tattoo and a mopey hipster hiding in her purse.

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