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    Carl Eichenlaub

    I was one of the fortunate few 'kids' who was able to sail with Carl regularly on Cadenza (III), and getting to know and sail with him is one of the more significant parts of my life. Twenty years later, I am still coaching and heavily involved in sailing, in many ways due to Carl's impact on...
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    505 Spinnaker Pull Down

    Our cleat is starboard side and aft on the centerboard trunk. Skipper hoist, skipper douse into port side sock. Have never done crew hoist/uncleat halyard, but that seems like it could work well. Will get photos later, but a big concern of mine is size of the tube. It's circular and smaller...
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    505 Spinnaker Pull Down

    Looking at setting up a crew pull-down for the spinnaker in my Waterat - this seems like it works very well whenever I've sailed a Rondar. Does anyone have any experience with going with that setup with the conventional (small and low on bulkhead) Waterat launcher tube exit? I'm am concerned...
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    2010 Heineken HPDO at AYC

    It looks like the KP gang will be able to make it over! Will have two good guys sailing 505s.
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    505 Double Pole Inboard End

    Looking at photos from the Worlds in SF, I'm noticing photos of two types of end fittings - those with a ball that seats in the launcher and those that just have an inboard end with a hole. What is the preferred system? Waterat fittings on MM/JN's boat look pretty slick. Also, what is the...
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    2010 5O5 & ACat Midwinters

    7153 will be there, skipper TBD.
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    j/120 Sinks

    Thank goodness Eugenie and her crew are safe!
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    Good colleges for a Sailor

    1. It will be VERY difficult to get into Yale, Harvard, BC, Tufts, BU, Georgetown, Cornell and all of the big, good state schools listed with 600 math/verbal scores on the SATs. These are good scores, but remember that they are less than 1 standard deviation above average (more than 15% of all...
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    505 Lifting CB Pin Location

    Craig, Find yourself a right angle drill and a 2 stubby bits - one for the bolt diameter and the other to drill a smaller pilot hole. Measure measure measure. Measure once more, then drill from one side, then the other. You should be able to get it square... Blaine
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    505 Lifting CB Pin Location

    also, just noticed how much higher your extension is (and how much lower the blade would be). Where is your bolt located vertically? I'm guess that you might have a higher bolt hole that normal.
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    505 Lifting CB Pin Location

    Craig, We sail with a fixed pin 480, but the pin extension is significantly longer (maybe 2+"). It seems like you board may be too far forward in that position. I'll snap pics and maybe take some CB leading edge location measurements when I'm back in NY. Blaine
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    2009 SAP 5o5 World Championship, St. Francis Yacht Club, USA

    Great Deal! We knew that the folks from StFYC would make it happen and come up with good shipping incentives. With us already knowing that the breeze will be epic and the race management will be John Craig's to dominate, let's make sure that turnout is amazing. Blaine
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    5o5 and A Cat Regatta, April 26-27, East Coast USA

    Don't forget Danny "Fatty" Pletsch and Nick "Bonecrusher" Ewensen in Crunchy Vegetables 7153. Pedlow got the short straw and is headed to Long Beach with the young-uns for the ICSA Semis.
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    505 North Americans at Columbia Gorge

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    505 North Americans at Columbia Gorge

    P^2 / 7153 will be there.
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    505 Conversations

    Completely agree with Kevin. It would be a great asset for us to have the equivalent of TT articles posted online somewhere. For new sailors entering the class, that provides a great resource that educates AND shows how helpful experienced 505ers can be. Imagine the articles of HA foils...
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    Question of the Week

    Cadenza I great things do come in aluminum with rainbows on their sides.
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    Laser 2 Kites

    I have 2 laser 2 kites that were discovered while cleaning out my parents garage to give away. One isn't torn, the other i recall tearing at CORK in 96. If you're in WA you could pick these up before Sunday, if not i'll send them somewhere if you pay shipping. PM me if you're interested.
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    Melges Needed

    Buddy of mine is looking for a late-model Melges, ideally $30-40k. Any leads? We'd all prefer the boat not to be from the Bay Area, but could deal :)
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    Custom GS 25 sportboat

    The boat (named Einstein) was donated. PM me for more info. Definitely not a sportboat. Built by Lindsay.

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