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    trailer needed east coast US

    Double jet ski trailer for sale on craigslist jersey shore in the boats section. In Little Egg Harbor Twp. Might work.
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    Midwest Scow Sailing

    MC Nationals actually at Lavallette YC on Barnegat Bay, NJ end of September.
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    where in the world

    Malta But if I'm correct I don't post pics. Tillerman?
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    where in the world

    Traced it through an ancient Tillerman blog post and confirmed it with Google Earth. There are a lot of little lakes in North Jersey.
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    where in the world

    Let the Admiral continue.
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    where in the world

    If I'm correct, please don't ask me to post a location. I don't have any pics but loved the challenge!
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    where in the world

    Mountain Lake
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    where in the world

    Lake Mohawk
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    where in the world

    Just throwing it against the wall!
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    where in the world

    Green Pond, Greenwood Lake? Lake Hopatcong?
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    where in the world

    Union Lake, Millville, NJ?
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    Snipe Mast?

    What is class standard and where do you get one?
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    Dinghy action for masters

    Look into the MC Scow.  Very active class and having their Masters at Lake Lanier, Ga in October.
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    The Sea Snark thread

    I think I heard that several time Olympic Medalist, Paul Foerster first learned to sail on a snark!
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    Exuma, Bahamas small boat rental

    Thumbs up for outislandexplorers. Dallas and family are very helpful. He helps with the local junior sailors and may be able to access their Sunfish. 
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    PFD recommendations?

    See what Annapolis Performance Sailing has left?
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    is that Newport, RI in the background?
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    Do you protect the sides of your boat from the sun?

    yes, it's a good idea
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    what will trump do between when he loses and when he leaves office?

    Not sure it is allowed, but if it is, run for President in 2024?
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    Online sailing movies

    What about Bob?      "I'm Sailing!"

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