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  1. cajunkiwi

    Henderson 30?

    Kevin mate take it easy, cheers
  2. cajunkiwi

    I has got ta know. What is this:)

    Ok guys I came across this pic, WOW what is this eye candy Cheers
  3. cajunkiwi

    Dibley K250 Carbon

    Dibley mate what every happened to the 26 ya did that was in Queensland cheers
  4. cajunkiwi

    Henderson 30?

    Outstanding info , Cheers
  5. cajunkiwi

    Henderson 30?

    Sorry for the confusion , "contender" meaning better boat for the dollar , Cheers
  6. cajunkiwi

    Henderson 30?

    Looking for advise on buying a Henderson 30 or other possible contender. Cheers
  7. cajunkiwi

    Onboard Telefonica Black

    Bloody outstanding job Ryan,good onya!
  8. cajunkiwi

    Elliott 770 owners in USA?

    Is their a Elliott 770 owners assc in the USA?,,looking for info from a owner, cheers all! :unsure: