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    The Ocean Race 2023 leg 3: Capetown to Itajaí, Brazil

    It would be interesting to learn more about Charles Caudrelier’s comments yesterday on the IMOCA website about the mistakes 11th Hour made in sail selection vs Holcom/PRB. “I think they are doing well and the crew is working pretty well together and, for sure, Kevin has much more experience...
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    The Ocean Race 2023 leg 3: Capetown to Itajaí, Brazil

    O Thanks Herman for all the expertise and work effort you invest in these analysis’s. You and Damien have made following this race and this thread “must see reading” to those of us fascinated by this leg of the race - thank-you!
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    too soon?

    Caro or Alive - forecast is made for them both…..
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    New boat for solo/double for inshore, Vic-Maui, Transpac and cruising

    Here’s a few interior photos of Riptide Mk11 Longboard….great offshore cruiser….3 Hawaii Races and 2 comfortable short handed return deliveries home to Vancouver….. large galley and water ballast is key to offshore comfort and speed.
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    Vendee Globe 2020

    Amazing race finish - best of all time!  Congrats to Yannick, Charlie, and Louis - all top notch people and out of this world sailing stars!  As said earlier, they are all WINNERS!
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    Vendee Globe 2020

    I am truly enjoying like others the thoughtful and insightful blogs of Pip but I continue to be so impressed with Isabelle - quietly, without a lot of fuss and drama sailing with the big boys in 5th place.  Her routing decisions are smooth, deliberate, and error free for the most part - a most...
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    Cross-U.S. Boat Shipper Recommendation

    Larry at [email protected]’s the best. 
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    Unofficial Salish Sea 2020 Short-handed Race Schedule

    A very successful short handed race event held last Saturday in Vancouver organized by West Vancouver Yacht Club and Royal Naval Sailing Association. Race report posted on with photos from many sources, most from Drew Mitchell of North Sails. 
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    Chines in yacht design

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    A great documentary

    What a remarkable story about a group of remarkably strong men. Thank-you for sharing this inspirational adventure. I will be disappointed in myself if I ever feel any self-pity because I am tired, sore, or in pain ever again, whether or not I am sailing offshore or not. These guys are my...
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    Southern Straits 16'

    Congratulations to Jam for sailing a great race - you guys led the long course fleet for a while on the way to Sisters in wind conditions that don't favour a J/160 and it was tough to stay in touch with you. We got lucky tacking into the Bowen Island shore near the finish. The Longboard crew...
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    Round Saltspring

    And with a beer in hand as well....great photo and well done Jim Lee. Fast looking crew you got there!
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    hard chines. explain to me why theyre special.

    Paul's article in Seahorse on the Riptide 35 may help explain his thinking..... Riptide35II_Seahorse.pdf
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    rudder scoop

    As the owner of Longboard, the Riptide 35 MkII designed by Paul Bieker, perhaps I can add my perspective as a helmsman using a rudder equipped with tubercles. Paul recommended them during the design phase of Longboard and after hearing the science as he described it, I thought why not give it a...