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  1. ttc546

    The Ocean Race 2023 leg 3: Capetown to Itajaí, Brazil

    Are you not referring to HB7/Hublot, as to opposed to this boat, which is HB6/Guyot? AT always had concerns that HB6 could be better than HB7
  2. ttc546

    Banque Populaire dropping ClaCla

    And, there, in a nutshell, is the dinosaur chauvinistic viewpoint of someone not understanding the bigger picture. No wonder women hate us men sometimes
  3. ttc546

    Banque Populaire dropping ClaCla

    Does this mean Avivia (1) is now vacant? (I think that was to be her ride? The IMOCA's have been playing musical chairs these last year or 2 ;-) ) I am not clear who owns it now
  4. ttc546

    The Ocean Race 2023 leg 3: Capetown to Itajaí, Brazil

    Herman - Surely %'s are irrelevant with such low numbers of entrants - 5. If there were only 2 entrants, 1 bailing out = 50%. Ignore the %'s Its a tough leg, so 2 bailing is not out of the realms of possibility and probability.
  5. ttc546

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    From the article, the VO65's are currently in their swansong this time, and no more going forward. Which seems sensible to me. However, the suggested re-route next time back to China would be a mistake IMHO. I simply dont care about going north to the Middle East and China after the Cape and...
  6. ttc546

    Best Family Dinghy Recommendation

    As the steps are public, I can see a lot of hassle, both from a launch practicality perspective and also from a council jobsworth saying you can’t roll a boat down those steps as they may get damaged.    To me, seems the scenario is a lot of pain which will put you off using it. Club seems the...
  7. ttc546

    100kg - what singlehander dinghies to sail?

    If only you lived in the UK. The Hadron H2 would be a great option. Think single-handed Merlin Rocket. This is my custom coloured one: (The fluoro pink is in the gelcoat, not a stick-on graphic). The builder accepts all sorts of custom coloured schemes. 
  8. ttc546

    Club Management Software

    You would think the market big enough but it isnt. Most clubs are small and run on a shoe-string budget. The cost to develop and maintain (a big cost is maintenance) is very high and more than just a one-man band operating out of their bedroom. We use Sailing club Manager - it is good for what...
  9. ttc546

    Vendee Globe 2024

    I am surprised there is any discussion on this. It is well known and discussed on this forum that HB was optimised for Vendee downhill conditions. So why are people surprised when it does "short" mixed uphill/downhill and is behind the others. The Fastnet had a very strong uphill first half. HB...
  10. ttc546

    Middle Sea Race 2021

    Smokin' !   Thankyou for that. I enjoyed watching. Am sure it was even better being there.  ;-)
  11. ttc546

    Vendee Globe 2024

    Seems clear that the Team will lead a campaign for 2024. Though with what is anyones guess here. Time is cracking on if they want to design and build a new boat and get it fully tested and plenty of sea miles under its belt with a new skipper. 
  12. ttc546

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Tx for the update. Any news/rumours of what Alex/ATR are gonna do next?
  13. ttc546

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Or it just means that she hasnt been sold and is still with ATR. Though ATR have been very quiet of late...
  14. ttc546

    RS sailing copying boats

    'RS400 is like an International 14'  :D Thanks for making me larf this morning. I needed it
  15. ttc546

    Ok, What’s this odd design?

    Sailed a Bosun many, many times in my teens with my Dad, who was in the Navy. Heavy and built like a brick shithouse, but you can have a lot of fun in a blow. I thought they were perfect boats for what they were designed for. Safe, sturdy, not too slow (except in the light), and fun. Would be...
  16. ttc546

    Precision 185 - Input on adding hiking straps

    If you were to hike, where would you hike from? The seats or the side decks? The cockpit well is quite narrow for straps to hike from the seat area, yet, if from the side decks, the straps would have to be positioned quite high?
  17. ttc546

    Fastnet 2021

    Thats fine - stick with IRC 2,3,4 whilst I, and many others, will continue to drool over the big boys toys as well as watch and appreciate IRC 2,3,4. There is room for everybody :-)
  18. ttc546

    Fastnet 2021

    Just a hunch, but I don’t really think Scorpios was pushed that hard on her first time out…
  19. ttc546

    Fastnet 2021

    Is Scorpios the new Comanche? Time will tell. I am glad that there are billionaires who can fulfil their dreams so that we can share in them :-)
  20. ttc546

    Clubswan 125

    One of the many I took of Skorpios today. (the photo wont upload here) Skorpios