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    Insurance (Gowrie / NHIC / AIG)

    I only own relatively small and cheap sailboats - Laser, Opti, FS, Thistle, Venture 21 ($1k from craigslist), Albacore ($150 at an auction). So, I am comfortable retaining the risk of damages to my boats. Since they are <26ft in length (and only one has a small outboard motor), liability...
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    SOL Sailing???

    That video answers a lot of questions, the most interesting parts are towards the end: So, yes, the boat is a Sunfish hull, all "known issues" have been addressed (e.g., backing plates), all parts are backwards compatible.
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    SOL Sailing???

    When you click through the "build your boat" pages at the SERO website and choose the cheapest options for blades, sails,... no extras, the price turns out to be $5200 That is exactly the price of the Rocket. Someone did their market research.
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    SOL Sailing???

    Looking at their website: My impression is that the SOL is basically the Sunfish hull with a new deck/cockpit. All the other parts (mast, sail, bailer,...) look to me like Sunfish parts.
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    Big guy 2 person dinghy

    I have to disagree with that statement. Since the beginning of the 2021 sailing season, Lake Lanier Sailing Club is using the new RYA based PN system US Sailing put together. Those numbers seem to be embedded in the regattanetwork scoring system if you know where to select the new system (I...
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    Big guy 2 person dinghy

    We own both, a Thistle and a Flying Scot. The optimal crew weight of the Thistle is 450-500 Ibs and if the wind picks up you want to be in that range. The Flying Scot used to have a similar optional crew weight in the old days. Sail controls (12:1 vang on a center console) and changes in sail...
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    i ain't a dinghy guy - suitable boats for tiny kiddo fleet?

    How about three 420s? That site has fleet deals listed from time to time.
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    Absolutely positively ILCA

    I was in a similar situation a few months ago and ended up buying a 1991 boat, sail number 144***. The boat was at a lake cabin and did not see a lot of use. The hull is solid, blades and spars look good. I paid $950 for the boat. A new dolly, cover, new upgraded rigging, new lines,... cost...
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    Chrysler Privateer/Pirateer 13

    Your description reads like the design spec of the RS Zest:
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    ILCA gives LPE the boot... seeking new Laser builder

    RobbieB, would you mind sharing who the dealer is that has the new boats in stock? I was not able to find that online. Thanks.
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    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Dave, thanks for answering questions in this thread. I have a few more for your: Is the boat inn the video the "interceptor" version with enhanced rudder and sail or the standard version? How much of a difference is there with respect to the rigs? And if the "stern tee" only comes...
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    ILCA gives LPE the boot... seeking new Laser builder

    It looks like someone changed their mind again. The quoted price of a Laser on LP's website went up again to $4995 for the race edition and to $5500 for the XD with the composite upper. $4190 was too good to me true.
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    dinghy sailing in Hamburg (Germany)?

    I recommend checking out the Hamburger Segel Club: It has one of the largest 505 fleets in Germany and regular Wednesday night dinghy racing.
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    Absolutely, positively Laser

    The C5 rig is definitely faster than the 4.7. So, the big question is: How does it compare to the Radial? If the C5 is close in performance to the Radial the two rigs could race together at club regattas and other lower tier regattas. That would allow younger kids and light weight adults to be...
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    ILCA gives LPE the boot... seeking new Laser builder

    Just finished watching this video. I highly recommend it to everybody! It is long, but every minute of it is full of detailed information from the sea trials in Valencia to the current FRAND discussion, the termination of LP as a builder, the new Radial bottom section and the development of the...
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    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Interesting interview with Kim Anderson: His comments on the importance of FRAND seem to be in line with ILCS's recent decisions.
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    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I found the report of the evaluation panel a very interesting read. My takeaway from the report is the that the Aero basically beat the Laser on its home turf: (1) Availability of (new) boats and (new) parts around the globe and (2) a production process that ensures that all boats are the same...
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    Racing/family dinghy

    OK, here is my recommendation for you: Flying Junior California is the state with a number of very competitive Club FJ regattas, the boat is well within your budget, and you can easily take one or two unexperienced friends for an afternoon sail. The University of Iowa Sailing Club has a fleet...
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    Baggy Sails

    I just assumed the sails are not class legal based on my experience with buying class legal and non-legal Opti sails for the kids. Class legal Opti sails have an official tag attached to them. Just having the right dimensions is not enough. No tag, not class legal. But I might be wrong. The...
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    Baggy Sails

    If you are sailing in a mixed fleet with Optis you probably do not need class legal sails. Intensity sells Albacore sails for a very reasonable price: