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    Advise needed - from LI Sound to the Rockaways

    Done it hundreds of times, not bad at all, close to slack at anytime from TN to Hell Gate and you will be fine.  Watch for debris and commercial traffic and you will be fine.  We have actually sailed it multiple times going the other direction.
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    Block Island RW 2019 Ferry Reservation

    I'll take the reservation. MT
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    The Yacht Club - Do you get value from your dues?

    Belong to a local community club, $350 year, have to help out, but there is weekly Sunday dingy racing and they supply the fleet of boats.  If you would like to moor your own boat then there is an additional fee.  Very low key and they supply the beers after each race.  We all take turns...
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    The Yacht Club - Do you get value from your dues?

    I think those are the JR. member dues.  When I went to join when I was up their frequently the number was well north of that. 
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    what is it?

    I think it is Reid Stowe's new project.  wanted something a little faster, a little uglier, and something that any girl that goes with him has a their own hull to hide from him.
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    COASTAL QUEEN - Ultimate Racing Program Tender

    Accurate statement
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    lucky number

    Another J boat with a wet core sorry meant to say he is bow up on the rest of the fleet.
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    Bermuda Tropical Weather Outlook- Hurricane Nicole

    If you look at 5P yesterday my models said Cat 3, and if I spent the time this morn would have said 4, but had other things to attend to more local. If being paid would be more accurate as I would have been nose deep into data. All the data is there, just have to utilize it..
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    Bermuda Tropical Weather Outlook- Hurricane Nicole

    Nicole has a very impressive satellite presentation this afternoon. The eye has warmed and become more distinct since this morning, and the convective cloud tops surrounding the eye have cooled. As a result, subjective Dvorak intensity estimates have increased to T5.5/102 kt from TAFB and SAB...
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    Best Sailing Sunglasses??

    Julbo The best I've used yet. Every time a crew member tries them the go "wow".
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    Sailing? You Must Be Super Rich

    Perfect for Espo then.
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    Sailing? You Must Be Super Rich

    They keep crappy time any way, so they have to be good for something. Here is the face.
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    culling sockpuppets

    Once AG/JT got a new job, not only did we loose 20k posts, but 3/4 of all sock puppets. Was scary how he would sit on his boat on a cold winter day and have his sock puppets argue with each other. Now with him gone, hasn't that solved the problem or are there others that are to blame. Can we...
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    Kerry K to Quantum/JT to UK

    +1 I couldn't agree with you more. Now having sailed with both, I'll let you guess who the above remark best fits.
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    Kerry K to Quantum/JT to UK

    Yep that's him. You would figure that a guy that is writing his own profile would 1) use proper english and sentence structure; 2) would pick the most flattering picture of oneself. Edit, sorry he did pick the pest picture.
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    Kerry K to Quantum/JT to UK

    How is he ever going to post on this site if he gets a job? We just lost 12 sock puppets. Talk about a life changing event for JT, does he realize he will have to leave his boat each morning and actually shower. He must have picts of Butch and the dog for him to get hired. KK made some great...
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    What kind of dickhead is this.

    OK ESPO, oh wait, this isn't a J29 or 105 thread.
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    j-30 on ebay ending soon...very cheap

    Boat has been on E-bay a number of times. If memory is right, there was some jack stand damage and there was a hole drilled in the bilge or bottom, or both. That may be why it looks like the boat had water inside it. If it looks to good to be be true........
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    J105's Key West & Miami Grand Prix

    At Key West the fleet is a little better, you'll only sail through half the fleet. Plus the real danger for a J29 at KW is the trip down. Them things don't look good with road rash.
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    Manhasset Bay Fall Series: Oct 16/17, 23/24

    Why don't they just start you guys before the 105's? Would save you a lot of grief but there would be less to write about. Should try it one ragatta, might work. Of course, then you have to worry about lapping some boats.

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