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    New J111 on the way... hopefully. ;)

    Good to hear it's back in fresh water. Enjoy your racing. Try for the Mac next year.
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    New J111 on the way... hopefully. ;)

    Does anyone know where hull #89 Wooton ended up? Boat was well prepared for racing and was doing top form when the owner died. Is it still in Lake Michigan?
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    House Maga secret deal ... Gaetz does not have a copy but Chip Roy has one of only a few - it remains secret...what madness is this?

    McCarthy should call their bluff, get removed as Speaker. In the middle of budget negotiations... Who in the Republican party would want to replace him? Hakem Jeffries would have a better chance of being the next Speaker with a couple defections from Republicans.
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    Durham: FBI Should Not Have Launched Trump-Russia Probe

    Was this supposed to be purple font? Neither the article or the report say anything about Trump being wiretapped. Did Trump testify under oath like Clinton did?
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    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Just call and ask to be cancelled, I'm old and poor, they'll knock it down to $4/month.
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    Balloon spy

    Here is the WAPO story on how it works:
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    The November 2022 election

    We forget this and Georgia's system is designed to elect a candidate that has the support of at least 50% of the voters. In most states Peltola and Warnock would have won outright, just not with 50% of the vote. Ranked choice is an instant runoff system. The 4th place finisher, Chris Bye's...
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    The November 2022 election

    That article is from pre election, Nov. 1st and discusses Primary votes. In a total vote system just run 5 Democrats and 1 Republican and the Democrats would win with Total votes. Or vice versa. So the generally preffered candidate would not be elected.
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    Just saw interview on MSNBC, more likely Article 4 would be invoked:
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    Lauren Boebert - Rotten Pork Sliders

    Colorado has two seats really close. The new 8th district which has Caraveo/ Kirkmeyer and the 3rd with Boebert/Frisch. Oddly, Kirkmeyer conceded last night, but now only 100 votes separate them. Looked it up, official final results dictate and a concession means nothing. Final uncounted...
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    Maybe Storming The Capitol Wasn't Such A Good Idea

    I had gone to Cuba and found the people wonderful. I told that to some Miami Cubans and they were disgusted, and said we should clamp down harder. They did not want any help for Cuba.
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    Lauren Boebert - Rotten Pork Sliders

    I've been watching that though unfortunately they don't post estimated votes remaining. 5% would be about 15k, so this will be close depending on where the missing votes were cast. It's like 20 counties, including Mesa.
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    Florida gets it in fast and accurate

    My state of Colorado also. Total confidence in the system, unless fucked by the likes of Tina Peters, who is facing felony charges for her role in trying to affect elections.
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    Florida gets it in fast and accurate

    I'm fine with the Florida system. Their Mail/dropbox votes process upon receipt counted no earlier 25 dasy before election, count released after polls close. Oh, BTW they use Dominion as one of their two approved systems. Let's use the Florida Republican system in all states.
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    Florida gets it in fast and accurate

    Please read the article, those are not my numbers. There are typically 40 plus choices on a ballot for various offices, and each needs to be correctly tabulated. The Cyber Ninja Maricopa hand re count that took 3 (?) months to complete only tabulated one item, the Presidential race.
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    Florida gets it in fast and accurate

    Let's do the math for a hand count on Maricopa County's expected roughly 1.5m votes. Keep in mind there are numerous candidates for various offices and issues on the ballot, my guess is 30 times the number of candidates or issues, so it takes some time. In the Nye County example below 10 people...
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    Anyone located in Chicago/Waukegan?

    I would recommend Montrose Harbor. Good casual Wednesday night racing, great inexpensive club. Well protected harbor. Cruising in Chicago consists of day sailing along lakefront, or a crossing to resort towns on the east shore, basically 90nm,
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    Florida gets it in fast and accurate

    Understood. Where do we stand on the Federal Voting Act where everything is standardized, and does not allow for State llegislatures arbitralily overturn the vote, or send fake electors, or hang up final Congressional approval? ?
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    Florida gets it in fast and accurate

    Paper is essential to avoid the "hacked" conspiracies, real or imagined. Can recount actual paper ballots as was done in Georgia and Arizona several times with inconsequential differences. Machines tabulating are no different than bank currency counters or College Entrance scoring machines...
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    Election Day Watch Thread - 2022 Midterms

    Really? Right now Boeberts losing by 4%

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