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  1. seeker321

    New instruments-What would you choose!!

    I have a question that hopefully someone here can assist with. I currently have a full B&G Hercules system + Hercules AP. I'd love to replace this with a triton system, including autopilot. The specific question is -- can I reuse my existing sensors -- particularly the masthead wind wand...
  2. seeker321

    Can someone tell me about the WWP 19?

    Welcome newb -- and in the finest tradition of cruising anarchy, fuck-off and show us some tits.
  3. seeker321

    Fuel Cells - future or failure

    I've been running dual Genasun 360 Ah batteries for almost five years now. They've been in HARD service 7/24/365. After all this time, I'm just now starting to have issues with a couple of cells. I'm on a big cat (55') and do crazy things like running A/C powered by inverters should I be...
  4. seeker321

    GB banner in this forum

    Just thinking out loud here.... Perhaps PJ and his marketing team should give some consideration to replacing the banner ad in this forum. Rainmaker ain't lookin' as purdy now as she did in this dated picture...
  5. seeker321

    Classic SA Phrases

    French toast girl
  6. seeker321

    NZ to Fiji

    Yep. It's amaxing how much drier it is in most of the rest of Fiji -- particularly the west.
  7. seeker321

    Where to get educated - Looking at cruising cat ownership

    Hey ThunderMuffin, I'm circumnavigating on a Chris White Atlantic 55. Also, like you, was previously a pretty hard-core (and winning) keelboat racer. I don't charter my boat. However, I'd be more than happy to have you aboard as crew for an upcoming offshore leg if you're interested in...
  8. seeker321

    I need a kick AXX camera set up - recommendations?

    I agree with amro -- but if you insist on shooting your won, this:
  9. seeker321

    Database of Worldwide Sailing Conditions

    It's already been done --and it's AWESOME. VIRTUALLY EVERY offshore sailor sends conditions update to "yotreps" -- at least the smart ones do. The resulting database is available for free. Check out
  10. seeker321

    G4 Fail

    ....seems to me that the factory got the paint job wrong. Shouldn't Orange be on the BOTTOM of the hulls?.... ;)
  11. seeker321

    Trouble with Catamaran Anchoring

    .ahhhh... Gotcha.... Yeah, my anchor goes out over the front beam. Still, I'd assume that if its all chain, it should pretty much goes straight down -- but do get the point of making it tricky to attach the bridle.... Bad design!
  12. seeker321

    Trouble with Catamaran Anchoring

    Not sure I understand the obsession with keeping the bows pointed into the wind.... When I anchor (which, given I'm a full time live a board, cruising the pacific -- so anchor a LOT!), I use the engines to keep the boat stationary while paying out the anchor 'till it just touches bottom. Then...
  13. seeker321

    Planing Multihull Ablative Paint....

    Go talk to someone running a big sport fishing boat. Find out what they're using in your waters... They care about speed too -- and run at similar speeds as fast cats....
  14. seeker321

    Beneteau 51s Late 80s. Anyone with experience

    I don't know, off hand, when Beneteau (like most of the rest) switched from quality building to assembly-line modular construction. Most modern boats are built in modules. This is: Build the hull, Drop in a floor-pan with molded slots for "stuff" Drop in "stuff" (furniture, bulkheads...
  15. seeker321

    18 Years Old- first time going offshore advice

    All great advice. - gold bond medicated talc. A short squirt in your undershorts and its a party in your pants. Great stuff. - obviously a really good head lamp. Use it as little as possible at night, the driver will thank you. - keep lots of quick snacks in your pockets (and offer to...
  16. seeker321


    Yep. Here's my take. 1) there's absolutely no way in hell I'd have been in that position in the first place. The Atlantic, in the middle of one of the fiercest winters on record is no f*cking place for a pleasure craft. Get that? PLEASURE CRAFT. It's supposed to be fun. Not a contest of...
  17. seeker321


    Hey Wess, This thread is going in so many different directions right now, I'm hesitating to open-up yet another side thread! First off, I'm a SERIOUSLY conservative sailor. I have no deadlines or schedule. For example, six weeks ago, we left PNG heading for Palau. On our way there, saw some...
  18. seeker321


    Yes, probably the single most dangerous innovation in modern multihulls.Yep. Can be. I have an Atlantc 55 -- it has two steering stations. When it turns to shite, I use the outside steering position because the situational awareness inside really sucks... Also, the outside station is...
  19. seeker321


    I'm truly saddened by the complete lack of HARD facts in this sad situation. Over the years, I've received tremendous value from my time here on SA. I truly enjoyed the evolution of the Flying Tiger 10m. Bought one. Had the great pleasure of meeting Bob Perry -- and enjoyed a great dinner at...
  20. seeker321

    My newest project

    Have you checked-out Chris White's power cats? ?

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