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    American Sailing - La Vagabonde

    What are your feelings on American Sailings collaboration with La Vagabonde? They are now offering a New Online Class - From Zero to Full-Time Cruiser. For me it contrasts with popular TV show "American chopper" with Paul Sr. They were fun to watch but are they really the right people to...
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    "Off Grid"

    I'm on wife number 2. I learned a lot from the first one, would have never got remarried, but at the time our kids were young, and it felt like the right thing to do. Being blended is very difficult but we have made it work and are all stronger for it. While most people around us are empty...
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    "Off Grid"

    I replied to the wrong quote. My form skills need refinement.
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    "Off Grid"

    We're getting so close to selling the "Family dream home" and going full time. It isn't easy or cheap but its a life worth living. At this point im on the boat more than at the house.
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    Fabricating a new spinnaker pole

    Not challenging your knowledge or thought process because my approach defies worldly constraints. We need a two-piece mold or a 3+ degree taper right? Like a Gorrilla hack I have successfully laid up over PVC wrapped with aluminum foil with zero release problems.
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    Fixing hull oil canning

    Best solution is to tell the wife we can't keep the boat on the hard anymore so were going full time.
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    Catalina Warning

    Anyone who works in America is over worked and the only reward for working hard is more work. Entitlement is everywhere along with unreasonable expectations. Most things that are 15 years old in this world are in failure mode or on the verge.
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    SV Seeker

    Never seen this before but if im interpret correctly he's running compressed air through PVC! It's a great idea if you want to die impaled by plastic.
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    Sectional Mast: great for "Looping"

    Roughly half the sailors from lake erie ive spoken to that transit the erie canal ship their mast. The two primary reasons are Lake Oneida, and for line handling through the locks.
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    Chart Plotter for 27-foot sailboat

    Check amazon for renewed ipad mini's with cellular - less than $300 and it was like new. I had a handheld like that for trail riding and it was as useless as tits on a bull.
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    WTF is going on with Raymarine?

    Teledyne has uncle sam as a client. Why waste time with customers who expect value for money and service after the sale.
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    Overdue Boat Mazatlan to Cabo

    Due to a lack of local knowledge, my thoughts may not be accurate. Possibly someone from that coast can help me with my rational. This seems like a coastal cruise on a well-traveled route. No one has mentioned flotsam so i presume none has been found. That coastline in Mexico is rather...
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    "Off Grid"

    General definition on the interwebs for "off-the-grid" or "off grid" seems to be consistent with "not connected to the public supply of electricity, gas, etc.:" This is not a measure of accomplishment on a boat in my eyes. Most boats come from the factory "off-grid" capable, and so did my tent.
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    SV Seeker

    Hes going to need a new phone number after that post.
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    Gutted Hull to Offshore Boat: What it Takes

    Two owner typologies. The preventative maintenance owner and the fix it when it breaks owner. The first never runs out of projects and the second never runs out of beer.
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    Best hose clamps for shaft log?

    I've been buying 316 worm drive and t-bolt clamps from Mcmaster-Carr. I refuse to buy things that are just sold as "stainless". Alloys matter.
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    SV Seeker

    He just keeps making it more complicated in an effort to mitigate design flaws. It's like watching a car crash happen.
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    "Off Grid"

    In the 80's before we had shore power and cell phones with internet it was just a boat and being on the hook wasn't anything special. Now if you spend enough money, you can run all the items you would in a house and be a "trend setter with minimal carbon footprint" while living the same life...
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    SV Seeker

    We all know science hasn't has been proven yet and logic is for fools.
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    Ugly dodger collection

    Possible Vampire?

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