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  1. Stanno

    Dingy and Skiff Teaching [Aussie style]

    Congrats to you and the team @Rambler .... great to see a proper sailing program recognised by AS!!
  2. Stanno

    New Beginner Sailboats...

    Having sailed the Zest in both single and double sailed configuration, as a single hander and as a twin crewed boat, I can say the jib balances the boat up nicely when sailing singlehanded - though the mainsheet is still in the way! When sailing double handed, I found it great fun with a little...
  3. Stanno

    New Beginner Sailboats...

    We have 6 Zests at our Club in Sydney, along with 6 Quests. We use the Zests for single and double handed sailing (with the jib kit) and they have been very good performers at the LEarn2Sail, Teens & Tweens and high school programs.
  4. Stanno

    Dingy and Skiff Teaching [Aussie style]

    Also - in a win for this thread ... both Rambler's and my club's are finalists in The Australian Sailing NSW Club of the Year (Small club division) ... very chuffed to share the nomination with such an innovative and frankly groundbreaking program from up north!!!
  5. Stanno

    Dingy and Skiff Teaching [Aussie style]

    We had our shakedown sail at Hunters Hill ahead of the opening of the season next weekend ... we were massively hit with Father's Day activities so it was very low key, but we had three new 9er teams (including a father and son team) complete three short races. One of them grabbed an Opti kid...
  6. Stanno

    Trapeze harness recommendations

    Great stuff. Hope you get a ton of use out of it, and never have to test the quick release!!!
  7. Stanno

    looking for a boat for me and a few mates

    I'm sure the 16' skiff boys would love to send one over for you!!!
  8. Stanno

    RS Aero vs Melges 14

    Just a reminder a M14 is 4kg lighter than an ILCA ...
  9. Stanno

    Trapeze harness recommendations

    Yeah Pat and the team have put a fair degree of thought into the new harness and the new Brett Beyer hikers in the wetsuit range ... good to see some innovation make it to production!!!
  10. Stanno

    Trapeze harness recommendations

    Vaikobi have a new quick release harness out this season ...
  11. Stanno

    US ILCA 7 representative for Paris 2024

    Nope - this was just the first round of qualification .... other tranches of spots available at various regattas in coming 6-9 months. USA Women were awesome this week - Rose and Reineke qualified the USA for Paris 2024 in fine style.
  12. Stanno

    Changing Laser rig sizes.

    Should have seen the women racing at Hyeres this year in a 32-38 knot mistral in the radials ... was spectacular!! 65-75kg range seems to be where the class has settled post carbon lower section ... will be interesting to see what the Worlds brings in a week or so ...
  13. Stanno

    Is ILCA/Laser management sailing us into a hole?

    Bad day for the Quality Controller ... jeez.
  14. Stanno

    Cape 31 OD

    Had a chat with the Polish Cape 312 Boys at Kiel Week the other day - they were all young hotshots working hard on their boat - and having a ball!! They slipped past our ILCA 6 Olympic fleet on their way to the course ... magnificent looking craft!!
  15. Stanno

    Does the Finn require a level of fitness beyond the ILCA?

    ILCA 7 sailors tend to have that hungry lean look ... and Finn sailors just look magnificently built. I remember a Finn sailor helping my then 10 year old Opti kid out at Sail Melbourne after a blow .... he lifted Ro straight out of the water with a straight arm lift and carried him and another...
  16. Stanno

    Kid Mobs

    I can tell you that youth sailing in Europe is going gangbusters ... my daughter just finished the ILCA 6 Olympic Class Kiel Week regatta and the fleets were packed with ex Opti sailors from 8-14 years ago 67 x 420's, ... and the Open regatta starts tomorrow with 180 29ers on the start line...
  17. Stanno

    Australian Sailing

    Far from it!!! We have more members, more holiday camp sailors and more club racing sailors coming through each season...
  18. Stanno

    Australian Sailing

    I was intrigued to see in the update summary AS released recently that "about 15500" people participated in a Discover Sailing program in calendar year 2022... that includes Discover Sailing Days, Tackers classes etc etc ... that is something like 30-40% down on the previous two years - which...
  19. Stanno

    Nacra 15 FCS for fun

    That is just a sensational update!!! Great pics!!
  20. Stanno

    Nacra 15 FCS for fun

    Great to read of you all getting so into all of this - end of an era for us with my son's C and Z foil boats off to Queensland to find new owners ... son is on a 49er and yachts which, combined with law school , are keeping him plenty busy! Time for some more kids to enjoy the rush...