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    Team HYDROGEN Chase Boat

    So fucking stupid. Insisting every team have one of these has to be one of the biggest wastes of team resources possible in this cup cycle. Just a ridiculous demand on teams. Does Barcelona even have the H2 intfrastructure to support these?
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    Team NYYC

    So lots of chat, not a lot of news about AM training today. Are they out there? Which other teams are out there? What's today's news?
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    How to watch live races?

    Thanks for these. Great.
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    CoR for AC35

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    Trimmers not watching the sails - how do they do it

    The recent OR vid about java use on the boat had the jib trimmer talking about what's on his readouts that he uses to trim. Was winch pin load, cunningham load and forestay load. Plus info about target boat speed and the usual wind angle.
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    REAL expert commentary

    IOS apps let you pick audio from commentary or either boat. It's great. Didn't work for race 13 though, anyone else get that?
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    GATES !?!?

    I got excited there for a minute, thinking this was a thread about Bill getting into racing boats. Not to be.
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    Oracle AC72

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    ENTZ vs OR - AC Race 1 & 2

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    ENTZ vs OR - AC Race 1 & 2

    Where's Kenny Read?
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    Sports Betting - odds are in

    Punters saw value, bookies covering. That's all. $2.50 in a two horse race is good eating.
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    Star Worlds - USA 1, 2, 3

    It's like winning the Paralympics, sure, it's an achievement.
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    Sports Betting - odds are in

    I also backed the Wallabies over the saffas, but that was more from patriotism than belief! Watch Quade stuff it all up again. Its almost guaranteed. A pretty good 14 hours, in prospect. Wallabies vs Boks, election watching, AC34, woe and gnashing of teeth from the leftards at the election...
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    Sports Betting - odds are in

    The Kiwi Righteousness Front need to put their money where there mouths are. Such hubris! Fucking moaning cunts, the great bulk of them that post here. FFS. I've put $50 on OTUSA FTW at $2.32. Get on board, or STFU.
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    Red Bull YAC Races 3 and 4

    They got one of the Chinese boats. See
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    Jury Notices & Decisions Thread

    I couldn't let this go. So I modelled up some basic numbers to show the effect of changing control arm length on wing half girth. This assumes a simple wing with a main element and a flap that are equal lengths along the chord (4.3m), with the control arm at 90deg to the flap and moving with...
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    Jury Notices & Decisions Thread

    Maybe the internal controls are part of he reason OR can't control the wing like ETNZ can in gybes. Either that or Gashby is just a genius. Or both.
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    Jury Notices & Decisions Thread

    I agree, the interpretation answers a question about fairings. But the answer confirms the simple reading of the rule that any part of the wing on a chord wise plane parallel to the base plane is to count in a measurement of girth. It seems like it would have been sensible to calculate girth...
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    Jury Notices & Decisions Thread

    I can't get to show pics, but there's a few heli shots of OR boat 2 from yesterday with not a lot hanging outside the wing skin. Think of ETNZ like the LR wing shots of Bruni yelling about busted sheaves. Sean, why do you think the interpretation implies only fairings are affected? The...
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    Jury Notices & Decisions Thread

    And it's not like LR are going to protest - they have the same external control horn design.