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    2018 moth worlds - bermuda (march 25 - april 1st)

    I predict a two horse race between goody and goobs, can't see anyone else getting close.  No others from the last top 10 will be there i believe.  Paton, bruni, bora and a few others to fight out the final podium spot.
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    Harken 57mm or 75mm ratchet block?

    Is this dinghy anarchy?
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    Dinghy chine...sharpness

    Depending on boat age you are looking at 4mm ply with glass sheathing or the original 5mm ply on older boats. Possible some 5mm boats were done with extra glass too. These day the chines are rounded so the glass wraps over the whole bottom of the boat, the chines are then built back up with...
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    Interesting moth design

    No spreaders in the decksweeper in this video
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    what is it?

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    Foiling Week 2016 - Garda July 4-10

    Look on facebook for trisdesign & the carbonsurgeons Doug.
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    Downsides of Spectra Standing rigging

    Anyone know what stays rob greenhalgh used in Japan?
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    2016 moth worlds: Hayama

    Do you mean 90 degrees from band? I agree its dead easy to make, measure and enforce 90 degrees to the band. Whats this about a 2 foils, rigs etc rule you mention above Phil?
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    Downsides of Spectra Standing rigging

    Which group of mothies is this? With the creep/scretch is it only for fully adjustable stays or do people run a slightly slacker rig rather than full cant? Interested in it but haven't actually seen a boat with the setup.
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    Solid Wing Sails on Dinghies

    Wing sails and wing masts have proven to be slow across the range. People would put up with other issues if they were fast. Theoretical gains are one thing but when the current pocket luff product is pretty good they can be hard to achieve. I await the super fast wing sail at the japan moth...
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    Your Most Inspirational Sailing Videos
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    Bermuda amlin moth regatta - a "quasi" moth worlds

    Maybe a quasi euro's plus a few others, none of the top nz/aus places at the last worlds are there. Although I expect slingsby to challenge for the win if he stops breaking stuff. Greenhaugh, slingsby, rashley podium
  13. G stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    You don't need much room to quickly roll a boat over unless you leave it there all day, a small carpark sounds like heaps of room.
  14. G stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    I thought it read you don't need to tip it on land you tip it in shallow water to take off the trolley if its rough otherwise you just slide it off. If you have no room to roll over your boat on land occasionally your club is unusual.Personally I think one of the good attributes of the moth is...
  15. G stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    You will have more trouble getting out of the water in marginal conditions which was a stated aim. Maybe the high lift profile will overcome this. I wonder how much onshore adjustment is available as you'd think there would be some to make up for manufacturing tolorences etc. Certainly cut...
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    Moth setup for chop

    In big waves and wind I set up by tucking my forward arm in to protect ribs and my tiller arm I bring forward to cover my head.
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    Ideas/deserving causes for old 49er aluminum rigs ...

    Flag pole +1 keep track of them so people who are mucking around with the old boats can keep sailing
  18. G stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    There was a foiling laser on the beach at Sorrento, some pointed and laughed but most people ignored it. I do wonder if the wasp may suffer the same fate after all if you can afford a new one you can probably afford a 2nd hand m2. Hopefully I'm wrong and they sell heaps
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    2015 Moth AUS & World Championships (Jan 6th to 16th)

    I only saw one broken mast(Phil) and with the exception of josh who hit the mark at pace the only broken booms I saw were bent already. Given the conditions and the shallow bottom I wonder if any other classes rigs would prove that robust with 160 boats
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    2015 Moth AUS & World Championships (Jan 6th to 16th)

    Wand axle in the M2 bow mechanism was the big failure point, series ruined for Ashby, Gough and I think goodison by axle failures. I believe Ashby broke 3. Countless others in fleet too, possibly a bad batch as the old ones are still fine. M2 will need to work on build for long verticals and...

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