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  1. fisher2

    Evil Christmas present for an old sailor

    Gee's ;After reading that[your post] I feel like I was looking in the mirror !!
  2. fisher2

    Gennaker newbie questions

    If your sailing down wind , for long periods or distance . I go for the main locked on one side and whisker pole; The genny on the other side , that way you have a little lee way, with the wind .. If I have the sea room and light traffic , broad reach to broad reach . I single hand a lot [also...
  3. fisher2

    Fareast 28R single point lifting.

    On our Olson 30 ,we used a keel attachment rod with a ring. You could check with Olson 30 web site.
  4. fisher2

    Still doing on the water mostly daysailing . Not fussy; My boat or friends.Real low tides, went...

    Still doing on the water mostly daysailing . Not fussy; My boat or friends.Real low tides, went beach combing !
  5. fisher2

    It's been # 6 Forever.

    It's been # 6 Forever.
  6. fisher2

    prize givings

    Lots of racing ; Lots of Pottery ;Cups ; Plaques But for me ,this Year end trophy going back a few years .And made by one of our club members ; Still is my Fave !!
  7. fisher2

    Crown 28, 34 opinions?

    A little late to the party !! I have a Crown 34 and it is one of the best all around sail boats, I have ever owned  .Has a auto P. which I hardly use, because when you trim it and lock the wheel it just goes where it was pointed.. barring big shifts .. and Oh, Yes it goes backwards almost as...
  8. fisher2

    Deal Killers?

     So ; You buy it some where $10,000 to $12,000 can you get it clean & pretty and all systems Go for $3,000 to $5,000 ! If you can ,then you got a deal !!! CS built a good boat and they sail well>>
  9. fisher2

    Boat Babysit & Maintenance

    50 Years of sailing and racing; 43 Boats owned: Still have #43 ; But I want spend a month, somewhere  Warm ! So if you have a Boat that needs exercise and maintenance, or some TLC. give me a shout: Email :   [email protected]   Brian
  10. fisher2

    SAN JUAN 34

    Whoa ! Seems; I'm really late to the start line!! Summer Sky and I have been sailing, together for the last 10 years. If it is Plus 10 C and sunny we go out.She was for sale last year,only because I wanted a  boat with a furling main. That's the reason I'm here looking for a used main to play...
  11. fisher2

    The Vendée Globe game

    Well I'm new here, I've done reading what you all been saying,a lot of food for thought; The reason I'm reading and not sailing" Vendee" V is I got my Pee , Pee slapped ,for sailing thorough some islands at high res. about .08 nm . off the islands by cursor; Bad' Sail' Bad Sail, Now what the...
  12. fisher2

    caption contest

    Where is the Gerbil tape, when you need it !

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