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  1. CureMarine

    Little Aussie Lap

    He's just taking his time with only a reefed storm jib up for a few days. There is a few days of pretty heavy running ahead and with no record pressure, he is being ultra conservative. The bolts in the roof? That's an inside joke that Ill get Xavier to tell one day. Lee Randall
  2. CureMarine

    Little Aussie Lap

    Hi all, There are always updates going up on the Little Aussie Lap social media so if you haven't had a look, its the easiest way to keep up to date. In terms of where Xavier is up to, It was really important that he got to the corner in really good shape. Unfortunately there was a few too many...
  3. CureMarine

    Little Aussie Lap

    Yeh you're right @Jethrow. Sorry was completely focused on something else record related.. 7500nm is correct... 21500nm is the global.. Looking at his next record already potentially
  4. CureMarine

    Little Aussie Lap

    About 21,600 nautical mlles. The core ambition of this trip is to make it around but to be inline to threaten Lisa Blair's shorthanded monohull record, Xavier will have to finish in under 57 days.
  5. CureMarine

    Little Aussie Lap

    Gidday All, I was proud to be asked to head up Xavier's shore team for the duration of this attempt. Xavier is a pretty special individual with a really singular focus on achieving his goals. Lucky for the rest of his team, he pays very little attention to anything going on in social media or...
  6. CureMarine


    Its not that one.... not yet
  7. CureMarine

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2023

    Well I was there, on Black Diamond and I made the call to turn around. I made the decision(in consultation with the owner and the senior crew) based on a number of factors all related to the welfare of boat and crew. At the time we retired, boat and crew were in pretty good shape but I had to...
  8. CureMarine

    Cure Marine

    All, By way of introduction, my name is Lee Randall and I am the BDM for Cure Marine on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, The timing of this thread is pretty good as we had been talking to Jaxon about SA advertising anyway so this is a good introduction! Thanks to @Sailsouth for asking some...

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