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    A Class European's

  2. jimbo_hobie16

    Eurocat Carnac

    Here's a report from the Viper Class guys..   Day 1 saw 3 races in almost perfect conditions, starting with 12 knots and building to 18 by the last race.   However, 3 days into EuroCat and we have still only had 3 races. Currently Audrey Ogereau is leading the Viper fleet 3 points clear of...
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    2016 Olympic Multihull

    Does anyone know what the retail price of the Nacra 17 will be? roughly?
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    AC 45

    SL costs 100-200G AC45 costs close to 1M...
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    Who doesn't like to see a good stack?

    Cheers mate, stay tuned!
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    Who doesn't like to see a good stack?

    sorry mate, didn't really float my boat.
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    Who doesn't like to see a good stack?

    Did my first edit on windows live movie maker. then have done the three others using imovie you'll see on my youtube channel through that link. I'm just your average 20 y/o that can use facebook. Just figured it out for myself and still not very good at using imovie. That edit took about 1.5-2...
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    Who doesn't like to see a good stack?

    Yeah around Westernport.
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    Who doesn't like to see a good stack?

    your welcome. And we would never go cartwheeling just for fun....much. Infact the 2nd cartwheel from the masthead i landed on my crew on the chainplate. Busted shoulder and cut through 2 layers of wetsuit. Don't try this at home kids.
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    Who doesn't like to see a good stack? Enjoy!
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    Looking for the best Life Jacket for beachcats Neil Pryde's ELITE Vest is awesome, the best. Very low profile, few straps yet a firm fit, no zip pocket that will seize up, strap for for your harness hook if need be, well thought out zip retainer and looks shit hot. And +1 for putting him in a viper.
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    nice work mate, cya on the start line this weekend!
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    Hobie 16 Worlds

    +1,000,000 to another Mexico. Don't do things by halves! Was too young to experience the original Cancun however. I'm almost there Gav! Running 2 programs... F16 and Hobie 16.
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    Hobie 16 Worlds

    Thanks for the reply surf city racing. Can understand where the rumours came from and sucks that it fell through. Would have been awesome. Appreciate your hard work in trying to get it going. Totally understand how it comes back to the people in the class to organize events. I'm on the...
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    Hobie 16 Worlds

    Does anybody have an inside word on the next Hobie 16 worlds?? San Fran 2012? They usually give at least 12 months notice and if that's the case will be more than two years since China August, 2010 and two in five years.. Fiji 07. Poor form from one of the biggest catamaran classes in the...
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    Sauna Sail 2010

    I managed to sail 4 races on the 16. All of them fully clothed in jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, ugg boots and a hangover. no need to put the trap harness on all weekend. Definitely no chance of getting wet. Love it.
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    GoPro Video's

    Had a gig on the home page at one stage Enjoi!
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    Multis back at the Olympics !!!

    Haha thanks Gav, I'm voting F-16 all the way! me and my crew could just get to 120kg. I'm 176cm and my crew would be about 150cm and we generally weigh about 127kg together. I would consider both of us as short people and many teams would severely struggle to get near our weight if they were...