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    double trouble

    Fareast 19r
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    Prime Computer Skiff

    Heres a good video
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    Worlds best dinghy!!!

    12ft skiff.
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    Have an hour or more to kill?

    its actually a good time killer at the airport, watching the planes coming in and around on the screen then watching it land in person.
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    2013 Sydney to Hobart

    Beau Geste. They would fly off the wind.
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    Wild oats rig

    I assume they where using the new rig today because when i saw them in Woolwich after the race the mast had a darker part from the deck to about 3m up that must be from the repairs.
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    psycho killers?

    They are all doing the Sydney to Hobart on maxi's?
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    Maxi Yacht Speedboat

    She is over at Woolich dock.
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    Maxi Yacht Speedboat

    They have the mast and boom fitted
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    VO70 Monster Project

    Too much vodka
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    Talk like a pirate day

    أرى ما فعلت هناك
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    Have we figured out what the pie warmers really do?

    they were called pie warmers originally by GD just after they hit the water.
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    ETNZ new tacking technique.

    But there still is a hull in the water.
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    TNZ Launching AC72 next Saturday

    I noticed Dean was smiling when they went across the finish line.
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    Looking for RC44 windward mark penalty youtube.

    Some day i've gotta try this...
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    News From the Viaduct

    Taken from Dave Ridley's Facebook.
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    3 member bands

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    Wild Oats XI fitted with DSS

    Found this one out months ago.
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    International C Class Catamaran Championship Falmouth 2013

    The Groupama hulls look fairly similar to ETNZ's hulls. Similar rocker and cant.

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