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    What Is It?

    santa cruz 45
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    Mini 6.5s

    Hey Leo V just wondering if you know anything about the Giramonti in Germany that's unfinish?
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    St Helena Cup WMYC

    nice going on the boom gate tipout
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    Stealthy Carwadine rocket

    that's it nts, it's not the first time he has taken credit for something he hasn't done
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    Stealthy Carwadine rocket

    that's it nts, it's not the firts time he has taken credit for something he hasn't done
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    Bay to Bay 2005

    gybeset, well maybe u get your information right before you start quoting stuff u don't know about, that photo is of the old skeencraft, that does not have a canting keel, i was refering to the new one
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    Bay to Bay 2005

    well that lambourne canter you can take from that list, apparrently it has that sinking feeling, and it didn't leave brisbane. other comments made by the owner was that it had too little lead in the keel, too little sail area and the ruuder gudens broke in only 5 knts
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    Bay to Bay 2005

    yes tommy, what u heard about skeencraft was correct but i think it is now fixed. the problem started when howie took over finishing it. go the 6 mtrs
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    aust sportboat wanted

    well the boat boat sorro is sailing is not a carwindine boat it is a lambourne 8, designed by david lambourne and the lines cleaned up by andy dovell, there is two for sale, the one you saw sorro with, it used to have a taller carbon rig but is being used for ther new 8 mtr canting keel sports...
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    Coasty's 6M Canter

    hey knuckles good to see u have your boat sailing good luck next week end, give them heaps, warning watch out for a pod of lambourne's swimming, wave to them for me
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    mini 6.50

    you always hear about mini 6.50's getting built to do the mini transit race but when are the sailors behind these boats going to form a group to make it easier on themselves to be able to compete in such a hard class, or to even see equivalent races run in the same boats here in australia
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    Stealthy v Skreencraft v Vivace

    i see no one has all the correct info on the surf to city, rush was the old young 780, they did very well to sail as well as the did but skreencraft (the old boat) crashed had on the bottom near couran cove, rush stood by skeencraft untill the crew were back on board, it then took another 40...