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    The Ocean Race 2023 leg 3: Capetown to Itajaí, Brazil

    Post concussion syndrome can last for months. Many months. I’m hoping her symptoms have settled so she can continue -both for her benefit racing as much as our benefit for their entertaining team dynamics) but she needs to be careful about further head knocks
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    Corona Virus

    As I understand it this was a sub study looking at dose finding but the reporting was messed up.  It's a v good thing to learn that a small dose followed by a bigger one is more efficacious. Also wouldn't read too much in things not registered in the US.  There are many many areas of medicine...
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    n00b question re: jibs

    I'm thinking that neither Ineos nor TNZ enjoyed that race v much.
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    n00b question re: jibs

    Cheers all, was the Mozzy clip that got me wondering as well. Seems no free lunch for big jib furling to a little one
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    n00b question re: jibs

    Well it was the code 0 that got me wondering about it-more about why can't they transition to furled jib acting as a code 1/2 etc?
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    n00b question re: jibs

    Take pity on me for any seemingly obvious lack of knowledge/experience... but... If you need more power to get onto the foils but after that the excess drag is counter-productive, why cant the teams use an oversized jib on a system that can then be furled to reduce drag as they foil?  Is there...
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    Prada Cup

    The big question is whether they can genomically link the cluster to a known case from the border. That allows accurate contact tracing and a chain of transmission. Then it’s more reassuring to ease like the cluster related to central auckland MIQ recently   We never found out how the last...
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    Prada Cup

    And a day that might be over the wind limits anyway if this storm keeps up?
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    Prada Cup

    A rather surprised and confused one I'll bet...
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    Practice Races This Week

    Pity you don’t still have it. They can be worth decent money these days. 
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    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Probably irrelevant now but someone was asking about what the “second world” was a few pages back:
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    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    And this is part of the reason why... on 1 count, he needs to have a decent watch system running on his vessel.  But... if it was someone else’s F up and he’s asleep...  Does this imply that a skipper must be awake at all times when a vessel is underway? That sounds safe... And just because...
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    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    ^^^ this.  Some countries even have no fault systems for accidents to avoid this very situation. Keep it out of the civil courts (where opinion counts for too much) and in the criminal one where scientific reason and a decent bar of proof is required.  Sometimes bad shit just happens. 
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    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    That guy was deceased when they winched him up. That’s why his face is shrouded, you don’t do that with someone who needs to breathe.  He will have been taken to hospital as “critical” because you need to be examined by a doctor to be certified before legally dead.  Although death at the scene...
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    VOR 2014-15 Leg 5 Auckland-Itajai

    Because the same people would have a massive sense of humour failure I suspect. Just peek into the TVW or SCA threads to see how calm everyone can be... :blink: Maybe it's the same kraken that got Puma last time?
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    VOR 2014-15 Leg 5 Auckland-Itajai

    Meanwhile on Brunel:
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    Is it Tactics, Boat Handling, or Boat Speed Slowing the Girls (SCA)

    FFS-blowing your nose in the wrong way is sexist if those who wish to interpret that way decides to. It's a no win game. Kinda like Richard Dawkins arguing with a born again baptist priest. I might draw many impressions from JBCs posts but misogyny is not one of them. Accidental sexism...
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    Team Vestas grounding report

    Don't think this was the only reason why WV departed VW
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    ...Team VESTAS WIND...the resurrection thread.

    Well that's kinda the point: from a human factors POV a hammer has some significant problems...trying to minimise the potential for mistakes (as opposed to taking responsibility away: even negligent idiots don't want to smack themselves, but occasionally people using due care and skill do...
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    VOR Auckland Stopover

    Russian Vodka Czar's dinghy: "Serene" NZD$423 million apparently..

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