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  1. Blaubär

    SV Seeker

    I'm grateful to Doug for this splendid moment in my life, when my old body commanded me to get up at 05:30 to take a piss and I looked through the latest entries and saw that fucked up cross section followed by the even worse welding. The moment I realized I don't have to shit into bucket, I...
  2. Blaubär

    SV Seeker

    Well I think you should see it rather as a "performance art". Though it seem to be hell bend on an apocalyptical MacBethian ending...
  3. Blaubär

    SV Seeker

    @dylan winter The point is not that anyone serious predicted that she will capsize. That's simply not how it works. To keep a few facts straight: Not sinking is the NORMAL and DESIRED state for any sailboat. The point is that Zonker calculated the initial stability from the roll period of...
  4. Blaubär

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I find it quite interesting that Pete Goss has Oddity designed for him and Gerry Dykstra has designed himself a Bestevaer 36. Both very utilitarian, smaller boats, which I think is an interesting direction that hopefully get's more tracktion, away from the ever bigger and faster movement.
  5. Blaubär

    SV Seeker

    Best Margarita, Nassau Harbour Bay Marina, right now on my own boat, grandkids and my wife are asleep and now Grandpa (me) can have his well deserved drink.

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