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    Wreck, paging Wreck to the PUI phone.

    Hi Wreck! Hi TPG! Hi Ms Ratz! Haven't dropped in for a while and now that I'm here I agree with TPG. What the hell happened in here? Doesn't anybody drink anymore? :P
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    Have we talked about that transgender bathroom controversy?

    A bathroom is a bathroom. A person is a person. I, for one, could give a rat's ass who is in the stall next to mine as long as they carry their Poopourri with them. And as to being in the stall next to my children, I would even let them leave out the Poopourri as long as they...
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    Prince - DTS?

    per TMZ, supposed drug overdose
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    500k year old Great Barrier Reef dying - blame high ocean temps

    Ohfercrysakes, could someone please just post the George Carlin rant and then someone else start posting the graphs already! Randumb to the white courtesy phone...
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    I think it could liquefy your liver.
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    HB PB!

    Happy birthday!
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    Wouldn't It Be Nice

    If only for my personal edification, I have one question: Does anyone come here for the kum ba yah?
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    Wrecke's Saturday Night PUI

    Nah, it's probably because you're getting older and mellowing :P Join the club...
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    NEWS FLASH : Report says Ben is about to endorse Trump.

    Nice edit, Jack. By the way, did you have a point to make here?
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    NEWS FLASH : Report says Ben is about to endorse Trump.

    Newsflash, Jack: Trump announced it himself a few minutes earlier.
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    All is well that ends well

    Now that was beautifully done, Ben! :lol:
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    Happey Brithdaye WR!

    Happy birthday Ms Ratz! Hope you had a great day!
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    Wrecke's Saturday Night PUI

    Best of luck to your son, MSS!
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    Happy birthday dacapo!

    Hope you enjoyed your day!
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    Damn, when I found this place I only came to SA for the void ho. Took me a while to venture into the cesspool. Apparently I missed some good sh*t!
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    Wrecke's Saturday Night PUI

    Or a beer in New Joisey...
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    Happy Birthday Grumpy!

    Happy birthday!
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    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    I know a woman that this happened to, except she was waiting for her gun permit when the abusive bf ignored the RO and killed her. We all wish she had had a handgun.
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    But I did have a nice chianti with it!
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    Raw lamb, slice of onion, pita bread, yum. Or kibbe, raw or cooked. Two of the best lamb dishes I have eaten.

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