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    Constructing a wood-plywood-epoxy 30 ft sailboat

    Zloitapok, these photos (particularly the top one) appear to show that the hatches are sealed, not just with epoxy, but also with fibreglass. If that is correct, what glass did you use to wrap such tight shapes? Thanks for all the pictures - it really helps others like me who are walking a...
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    Constructing a wood-plywood-epoxy 30 ft sailboat

    BTW @zloitapok, I am building a catamaran of similar length and construction as your project, so I am following your progress with interest. My timber longitudinals are much heavier than yours - 90 x 40 mm, and we are just bringing them together in the bow area now before sheathing the hull...
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    Constructing a wood-plywood-epoxy 30 ft sailboat

    Yves-Marie, I have loved the Black Soo since childhood. I sailed on a couple of them when in my teens - did you know the rudder develops hydraulic lock at 18 knots! A forceful snap on the tiller breaks the water flow and re-establishes steering, but the next few seconds are interesting! I...
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    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    Maate! Sorry, but this is just deluded! Cancer treatments cost millions just for the drugs, let alone the wages for the doctors and nurses and the cost of the treatment facilities. If SWMNBN gets a "related health issue", the Australian taxpayer is going to be called upon to cover the vast...
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    NYT article 8/1/23 about maxi raceboat maintenance

    Fuck all this BN shit - where can I get me some of that carbon resin? Sounds like the bomb!
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    Vale Jimmy Buffett?

    He was a man who loved his sailing and probably introduced many into the lifestyle. Good on him and may he rest in a peaceful anchorage. RIP Mr Buffett, your time on this planet was a positive!
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    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    Which is it? Personal responsibility or representative responsibility? And I must have missed the bit about the Voice directly representing every indigenous person - could you explain how that is to be achieved? "Something that hasn't actually happened"? You made a statement that contradicts...
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    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    Sorry, I have no idea what your first statement actually means, if anything. I wasn't making any comment about treaties or "truth telling", I was correcting your wrong statement that the "Voice" was to be instead of a treaty. You haven't responded to the correction, just deflected. Poor form.
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    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    Successive governments (and many well-meaning individuals) have tried to instil personal responsibility into members of our indigenous community for over 2 centuries, and have not succeeded (some, not a high proportion, have not needed to be assisted - they are quite OK with it). No-one has...
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    The upside to swearing.

    I get confused with these gender neutral pronouns, but I think what is trying to be said is "They are a fucking idiot". Is that correct? Fuck it!
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    Bali war on Dildos

    Mate, any markets in Asia (and Melanesia) you will find penii carved from wood readily available. Carvings of bare-breasted females are also ubiquitous. Western sex tourists maybe creepy but they aren't exposing the locals to anything new. I only speak from 50 years of experience in the area.
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    Australian Sailing

    I'm with Dunc on this, although there are obviously sensitivities that may make it unwise to give too much detail, the questions should have been asked and responses (or lack thereof) reported. I hadn't heard about the diver previously and that staggered me. How can there be wear without...
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    Australian Sailing

    From the report 2 Jul 13:20 or 13:22 AMSA organised Distress Relay Message (Mayday) alert on HF/VHF through Charleville Radio NSW Who knew? (Duncan got it right)
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    What is the name of this thing?

    I'd suggest getting the circular plate made. "Somebody just ripped the cleat-thing off the middle of it shaking a reef" Sounds like someone, somehow, got the reefing line caught up in the cleat - if you had a circular plate instead, you could avoid that happening again ...
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    Your Favorite Quotes

    "Bash to fit, bog to fair, paint to match".
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    What is the name of this thing?

    If it spins in both directions, what possible function could the cleat serve? And it if serves no function, why worry about replacing it? Perhaps someone just adapted a winch barrel (with cleat atop) to act as a sheet guide?
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    Australian Sailing

    I learned something new from the RPAYC report - I had always been of the understanding that Radio VMC (Charleville) was located in Queensland, but apparently it's not!
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    LONQR 2

    It's alright, he's wearing a hard hat so he'll be safe ;)
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    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    Hey! Leave me out of it! :mad:
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    2023 National Sailing Hall of Fame Inductee - Bob Perry

    The master of the sheerline is recognised - onya Bob!

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