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  1. Tornadosail2012

    Worrell 1000

    It seems that Team Rudee's with Randy Smyth and Dalton Tebo with a 4.9 mile lead won the first leg. 
  2. Tornadosail2012

    Building an A-class Catamaran

    I bet if you reached out to John L directly, you would find him to be of great help.
  3. Tornadosail2012

    Building an A-class Catamaran

    That's because the Tornado ended up owning that class.  While other B's such as the Dart have active classes around the world, the Tornado ended up killing development in the class.  The A Class grew and the C Class became an ultra expensive class to compete in.  When Ken King and I were looking...
  4. Tornadosail2012

    Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    Love to see some pictures of the Formula 40 setup.  Does Fast Forward Composites have a website?  I haven't found one.
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    Live Racing Thread

    The bigger question now is; What will Team NZL do with the AX now?  I know much has been said and agreements made, but will they honor those or go in a different direction?  While San Francisco was a surprisingly great event and venue, I haven't liked the Bermuda series that much except that...
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    How Does Buying a UFO Foiler Work???

    I have car topped my Tornado, A-Cat and Laser without any issue. I can't see how this boat would be an issue.
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    2016 A-Class North Americans in September

    Just glad to see Lars on the boat racing again. Great results for someone who has been absent from the national scene for a couple of years. Like to see what he does if he is sailing fully in the class again.
  8. Tornadosail2012

    C-Class LittleCup 2015

    Merde2, We are all living vicariously through you and your posts. Thanks again, Tom
  9. Tornadosail2012

    C-Class LittleCup 2015

    Leave it to Steve to come up with very different approaches to this than others do. It will be interesting to see how the foils perform.
  10. Tornadosail2012

    C-Class LittleCup 2015

    Merde2, Thank you for posting pictures. It helps those of us who couldn't get the time off to travel to the event. Maybe it will again be in Newport sometime in the future. Thanks, Tom
  11. Tornadosail2012

    C-Class LittleCup 2015

    Yes, many more boat photos. Details, details and details. More boat "porn". Plus would love to see much more of Steve's boat. I was on his sister's sailboat in Newport when they flipped. A freighter had just passed and they came out of the lee of the freighter at the same moment that the...
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    C-Class LittleCup 2015

    I am hoping that more photos and information begin showing up on this thread and over at
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    A Class Rule 8 needs to stay.

    I did read the Ashby comments. He is an accomplished and world class sailor. I really don't have a dog in this fight since I sail a Boyer MKIV that I have no intention of converting to a foiler. I lake sail and have no fleet to join if I wanted to. Right now I don't think I could physically...
  14. Tornadosail2012

    C-Class LittleCup 2015

    Steve, I wish you the best for this event. This should be interesting. Hopefully you will post some pictures of the retooled Aethon once it is too late for any team to make changes that mirror the ones that you have done. Glad to see that the Canadians re going as well. Get some great...
  15. Tornadosail2012

    ISAF = Sailing Tyranny

    After your "Here's a question-Where- that needs to be changed to were. Agree with your point. I have little hope that you will be herd on this matter, but thanks for submitting this.
  16. Tornadosail2012

    caption contest

    I think Walter Cronkite said it best. And that's a wrap.
  17. Tornadosail2012

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Why don't you break down the meaning of this? Who has won here? Is there more to come? And how does Kirby fair from this?
  18. Tornadosail2012

    2014 A-Class NAC

    Wish you the best at the regatta. Should be an interesting mix of boats. Is there an entry list posted anywhere?
  19. Tornadosail2012

    A Class Fail? The Future of the A's

    ChrisO, There are many used A-Cats out there and many at quite reasonable prices. I have a 2002 Boyer MKIV. Other than the fact that there is too much freeboard in the bows that make it difficult at times to tact, it is a great boat and a forgivable platform to enter the class with. At...
  20. Tornadosail2012

    The PIXEL... good, bad, ugly ?!?

    How about an open bic?