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  1. Tornadosail2012

    What did OTUSA shoe crew, desingers and builders do

    Hopefully as the next few days go by we will get to hear from the designers, builders and shore crew telling us some of the changes they made to the boat. Teamwork was the other area that OTUSA improved upon on a daily basis. You could see it on the water and in the boat handling that they...
  2. Tornadosail2012

    Newberry Casey Olympic Campaign

    As we all know campaigning for the Olympics not only takes great effort and intense training but it also takes a great deal of money. After the 2008 Olympics Lovell & Ogletree had quite a bit of debt from the campaign. Sarah and John have set-up a website updating what their campaign is...
  3. Tornadosail2012

    New C-Class Article in

    Here is a link to a great article about the C-Class and the upcoming championship. I will not post the article because it is for subcribers but for those who have not seen it here is the link.
  4. Tornadosail2012

    Newport AC Event and C-Class Cats

    SHC, You have been very quite in the lead up to the AC event. At least in the Multihull threads. Are you bringing your boats out for the AC event in the next couple of weeks? Also, have you been able to work out your concerns about your new wing? I hope to see you there. Thanks, TTS
  5. Tornadosail2012

    A Full Cup: Sir Thomas Lipton's Extraordinary Life

    I just finished reading this and it is a well written account of his life and his quest for the cup. For those who are interested in the history of the America's cup, it is a worthy read.
  6. Tornadosail2012

    Mixed Multihull for Olympics

    I would say that this is a step in the right direction. I am not sure how I feel about the mixed designation versus open or mens' and womens' classes. This though sets the stage to possibly have two classes in 2020. I have the feeling though that once it goes mixed, it will remain mixed. As...
  7. Tornadosail2012

    Inviticu Article

    There is a great article up on the daily sail about the British C-Class team. You need to be a subscriber to read this though. I think it is a great sdailing site with well written articles. They seem to think that they have a chance...
  8. Tornadosail2012

    Put it aside

    If you care about the AC, try to look at the race between these two radical boats, forget the two billionaires and their egos and look at the boats, the teams, the designers, the builders and all that has been positive about this AC cycle. There has been so much crap slung back and forth...
  9. Tornadosail2012

    For The C-Class Guys

    I have only been able to find 3-4 shots of the wing, but it looks pretty radical to me. What do Steve Clark, Blunted and Fredo as well as the other winged anarchists out there think?
  10. Tornadosail2012

    Steve clark Building a new C-cat

    I wonder if Stave would be willing to share some information about the new C-cat that he is building, his thought about the future for the C-Class and who is currently on the horizon to compete in the challenger series. I think that there is a British team, possibly Australian and who else...
  11. Tornadosail2012

    A-Cat NA's results

    Bob will post an event wrap up in the morning so I will just post a link to results.