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  1. NautiGirl

    Gumby's Great Adventure

    Gumby left his slip today at about 1130 am. Him and his 3 crew are headed to the BVIs via Bermuda on his '83 Morgan 366. As his wife, it's a bittersweet day for me: I'm used to him being away this time of the year, as he's almost always doing deliveries. But there's always an adjustment period...
  2. NautiGirl

    So, my husband is doing a couple of TransAts

    Dealing with a MIL and my mother who are both really worried. Figured there is no better place than here to seek some semblance of solace P.S. I'mjust insanely proud of him.
  3. NautiGirl

    Moncton, NB on lockdown as man goes on shooting spree. 3 Mounties dead

    Live updates : ​
  4. NautiGirl

    Marrying someone who lives in the US with a Green Card

    One of my best friends has just gotten engaged to her boyfriend who moved to Florida with work and is awaiting his Green Card. Can anyone enlighten me on the timeline or process for her to be able to become a resident of the US? Could this happen before they are married? Once they marry, how...
  5. NautiGirl

    Elf on a Shelf gets into a little trouble

    Might have over done it a bit, there Elf... Come on Barbie, let's go party.... Looks like he's heading to the station...
  6. NautiGirl

    In 36 short days....

    another Anarchy Wedding! Took today off to get some wedding stuff done. I plan events for a living, so I haven't had much interest in planning our own event after hours. Add to that a downright hellish year (discovery of bedbugs, moving, throwing out and replacing all of our furniture, the...
  7. NautiGirl

    Donnybrook makes the news I'm frankly surprised that more people weren't seriously hurt.
  8. NautiGirl

    Flood Relief, Canadian Style

    Roving bands of volunteers assisting those in need. A twitter campaign to encourage the mayor to take a nap after being up for 40+ hours straight. Calagrians, and Albertans, you make me proud to be Canadian.
  9. NautiGirl

    Just in case

    I'm not a big fan of these kinds of things, but what the hell. I work in a pretty small office. About 10 of us. Most of us are pretty close. Anyhow, one of my co-workers' father was diagnosed with stage IV cancer on Valentines day. There is pretty much nothing they can do for him beyond...
  10. NautiGirl

    Col Chris Hadfield

    Anyone else following the YouTube Channel or FB posts of Canadian Col. Chris Hadfield? I've never been much of a space junkie, but this guy is awesome. I could spend hours scrolling through his pages & videos. If you haven't seen it, definitely worth checking out...
  11. NautiGirl

    Pachelbel Canon in D

    This has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard. I've stumbled across it in my wedding planning, but can honestly say I want it played at my funeral (wedding, funeral, same thing?) as well. What is your favourite piece of classical music...
  12. NautiGirl

    Electronics and cold temperature

    D'oh! I forgot my tablet in the truck last night, and the temperature dropped to about -25 C (-13 F). My step-dad advised me not to power it up until it's warm (which it might be now. It's been about 2 hours) but is there anything else I should do? Is it likely fucked? I've tried googling the...
  13. NautiGirl


    can someone explain how this works? The so is doing a delivery, and they have a Spot tracker. I've tried to follow the links sent to me, and they don't work, so I emailed the guy who owns the Spot and was told "The spot messages that we sent last night, will not work. I logged into the account...
  14. NautiGirl

    They shall grow...

    not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
  15. NautiGirl

    Google Nexus 7

    Anyone have one? Thoughts and reviews? Tips on getting the most out of it? Apps you like that work well on a 7" tablet?
  16. NautiGirl

    Texas A&M

    Texas A&M University says a shooter has been taken into custody near its campus in College Station. College Station police spokeswoman Rhonda Seaton tells CNN multiple people have been shot, including law enforcement, but she doesn't know the extent of the injuries. The university issued...
  17. NautiGirl

    Mental note: Don't make small talk with American tourists

    American Becomes Laughingstock of Canada After Letter to Editor Lamenting Lack of Handgun During Mild Confrontation Neetzan Zimmerman View Profile Email Facebook Twitter AIM Google Plus RSS Walt Wawra, a police officer from Kalamazoo, Michigan, was vacationing in Calgary, Alberta, with his...
  18. NautiGirl

    Happy Canada Day

    god I love this country. c'est ca.
  19. NautiGirl

    Karen Klein

    I couldn't watch more than 2 minutes of the video before I had to turn it off, but to read this today warms the heart and restores my faith in mankind.. I hope she has the most incredible vacation ever.