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    Instruments after voltage spike

    The Scampi 30 I just bought has a nice set of older but non-working instruments with the exception of the depthsounder which was recently replaced. The seller explained to me that an alternator regulator went TU and the instruments failed as a result of the voltage spike. He thought that...
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    Simple shore power set-up question

    Our new to us Scampi 30 doesn't have any sort of shore power installed. Really the only thing we need to run is a battery charger and have a single outlet to charge batteries for tools and electronics. I'm thinking about using this Dockside 30A to 15A with GFCI adapter with a good outdoor rated...
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    Farymann Diesel

    I was checking out a 4ksb today with an old Farymann 12hp diesel. Thinking about buying the thing, but a bit leery about the Farymann because I've heard parts can be a bear to find. Anyone with firsthand experience dealing with a Farymann single cyl? Starts right up and doesn't smoke so that's...
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    Lost in translation?

    Someone shared this with me and I thought it was a pretty funny help wanted ad:
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    Freight forwarder for Panama

    Usually we use DHL for our Panama shipments, but with an 86 kilo mainsail, it's ridiculously expensive. Anyone have recent experience with any freight forwarders shipping to Panama?
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    Anyone have any experience with the Saroca? Thinking about a '93 for exploring some lakes and estuaries.
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    any downside to reducing weight aloft on cruising ketch?

    I'm pretty intrigued with replacing my wire rope with synthetic rigging. We have a vintage Amel Maramu ketch, a boat that Bob Perry refers to as the "Citroen of the Seas", which I consider a compliment since Citroen's are pretty amazing. ;-) The one thing I'm wondering about is how reducing...
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    Battery additive - any idea if this actually does any good?

    Saw this and it looked interesting. Is it snake oil or for real?
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    Shop Vac Anarchy

    Time to replace the onboard shop vac on Exit Strategy. I wish Fein made a really small one as I've used their regular size ones and they're fantastic. Anyone have a small shop vac, (1 or 1.5g) that they're really happy with?
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    Cabin lighting

    The admiral has decreed we need better overhead area lighting for the main salon of Exit Strategy. Is Alpenglow still regarded as a good choice? Any other brands we should be looking at? She's particular about lighting so looking for the best we can find. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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    Cutting wire for wind instrument

    If you need to cut a wire for a Raymarine wind instrument to pull a mast, what's involved in re-connecting?
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    RIP Joe Adams (Australian yacht designer)

    Was doing some unrelated research when I stumbled upon this article - Sad news.
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    Butyl tape for re-bedding deck hardware?

    I was reading an article about using butyl tape for rebedding deck hardware and wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts. If you're curious, here's what I was looking at - I need to re-bed a couple of mooring cleats and a few...
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    Kill an innocent boater in Lake County?

    The lake may not run deep but apparently neptotism does - This is the same guy that was ran into a drifting sailboat at 50mph, killing one person, and then blamed the sailboat. His law enforcement cronies tried to charge the guy at the helm...
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    Hurricane hole / summer storage on E coast FL

    Looking for recommendations for a place to leave a First 38 for the summer. Draws 7.5 feet. Currently in Ft Pierce. Owner needs to leave the boat in a safe spot. Long time liveaboard and cruiser friend just back after being out for 12 years.
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    Any SA'ers in the printing business?

    Hoping to find a printer in the SA community that is interested in helping Oceanswatch, which is a non-profit, with printing brochures in time for the Oakland Strictly Sail show. We'd like to find someone in a position to donate or offer discounted printing for the attached brochure. I...
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    Sail design - Anyone running Azure in a Windows partition on a Mac?

    Curious if anyone has been able to run Azure on a Mac with a Windows partition on the hard drive. Does it need something special in order to recognize the USB dongle? Thinking about switching to a Mac early next year.
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    halyard lock or ???

    The boat: Cruising ketch with large round furler extrusion (3"+) that carries twin poles for downwind work. The goal: With genoa flying, raise a second sail in the other luff groove. Then be able to furl both sails simultaneously in the event of a squall, windshift, or other situation. It...
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    a tale of two alternators

    I'm not real happy with the way my supposed 210A Balmar is mounted. As you can see in the photo there's a pretty substantial hunk of metal aft of the engine that the alternator sits on. It makes getting to the sump a bit of a challenge. So I started looking for other options. I looked up the...
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    Composting toilets

    If you're using one, let's hear about your experiences with it. Please mention the frequency of use if you're not a full time liveboard or cruiser. Thanks. I've been curious about these units for a while.