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    Blue Performance Bags

    Anybody have the scoop on this company? Seems some chandleries carry the odd bag. The only website info is a link to a page not found. You can get there direct, but it's to a pdf catalog and the site is in another language. Looks like they're one of just a few options for well designed cabin...
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    You just can't make this stuff up...
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    LO 300

    Unable to participate this year. Anyone have updates to share? Epic tales or general gossip that’s made its way back already...?  Cheers. 
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    Ridiculously Overpriced Boats

    We've all seen them; the sellers walking that fine razor's edge between arrogance and lunacy. Send in the clowns:
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    Rememberance Anarchy

    How about some props for the fighting men and women, not only among us, but also long gone, who survived great horrors - Axis and Allies - so that the gene pool could continue.  Among the many that fought and fell in my own family, I always think of one of my grandfathers: having been lucky...
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    Pegasus @ National Yacht Club

    Anyone happen to know the boat and can tell me what it is? I walked by it tonight and the lines literally stopped me in my tracks. What a sweet little boat for something from that era. Looks C&C 29-ish but appears shorter and lacks the markings. Thought it might be a Bob Perry Mirage 27...
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    Open 50 moored outside RCYC?

    Saw there’s a nondescript Open (50, maybe?) boat moored outside RCYC. Dull gray paint, no commercial branding or cosmetics. Anyone know the backstory?  On another note, Derek’s boat seems to be languishing away on the hard out by Cherry Beach. Thought there was a new offshore development...
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    Taco Anarchy

    Hi. Seeking a little help from those of you who spend a lot of time in Mexico, as trying to separate the possible vacation gems from all the other opinions and sponsored content out there online. The nurse wants us to go to a resort in Mexico in late November and I no absolutely nothing about...
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    Bill gone missing on Capitol Hill

    Schoolhouse Rock must be totally losing their shit...
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    Just going to leave this here...

    Just floating this idea to see if there are any takers... Wondering what the interest would be in a long distance open water dinghy race in the Lake Ontario area. I see that there are a few examples of this in other countries. Inspired by the spirit of the R2AK, It seems like a path up the St...
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    never fuckin' mind - the cartoon edition

    Do you want to shoot him now, or wait until you get home?
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    No mention of Derek Hatfield...?

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    SA Meet-up In Toronto?

    Was wondering how many Toronto SA'ers would be interested in doing a post-holiday Meet-up at a local bar to get to know some new people, share some pints, tell some lies and engage in general skylarking? Some of us probably know each other already through the sport, but thought it might be...
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    SA site chat functionality

    Serious question this time. (After years here) I noticed that there's a 'Chat' button in the nav bar, but no functionality. Maybe this topic has been discussed ealrier, but is there a plan to enable this? Given the level of industry expertise on this site and the popularity of AMA's (Ask Me...
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    Musto MPX RACE DRY SMOCK - White/Platinum, Size L

    Hello. Does anyone have a Musto MPX Race Dry Smock in *white/platinum* they want to sell me? Either new or used will do. This colour looks like it's been discontinued and not finding much via retail searches, online. Some in UK, etc., but not much domestically, here in NA. The model I'm...
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    Looking to crew R-Class next season

    Hello, Looking for a steady crew position on an R-Class boat next season and thought I'd start the canvassing early to see if any owners have holes to fill in 2015. Toronto-based and self-employed, so can commit to full season and multiple days/week. Mature, reliable and fit. 10 years of...
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    Kitchen Hands - Toronto

    Throwing a Hail Mary in case there are any restaurant owners/chefs/caterers out there looking for some help. If you need an extra set of hands in the kitchen, I'm a mature, reliable, second career Chef de partie with short experience but excellent references; trained by mentors with...
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    Dr Who Anniversary

    In celebration of the birthday of "the cleverest man in the room," let the inevitable debate begin over the greatest Doctor of all time. Tie between David Tennant and Tom Baker. Worst ever - Christopher Eccleston. Awesome tribute by Google today. Anyone click through and play the game?
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    Dr Who Anniversary

    In celebration of the birthday, let the inevitable debate over the greatest Doctor of all time. Tie between David Tennant and Tom Baker. Worst ever - Christopher Eccleston. Awesome shout-out from Google today. Anyone click through and play the game?
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    Free the heel and the mind will follow...

    That's telemark...not telemark-eting. Wonder if there are any other pinheads on the board who can steer me in the right direction, as we have no tele gear shops in these parts and I'm the only one of my kind I know around here... Getting back on the slopes after a few years away and it's time...