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    East Coast Yard Re-Fit Recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for a yard that could do a complete gut job/re-design of the interior in an early '70s plastic classic 34 footer. Other than the engine and the electrical system (which are both in good shape), pretty much everything else would be removed and the interior re-designed...
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    Experience with a Mixed Rode of Chain and Rope on a Windlass

    Anyone have real world experience using a combo chain plus rope rode with a windlass?  I'm currently running about 50 feet of 5/16 chain with the rope directly spliced into it.  I like this combination for where I normally sail and am thinking of adding a windlass.  Current candidate is the...
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    Wind Sensor Output Rate - Effect on Autopilot Performance

    I'm in the process of installing a below decks autopilot on an old and slow fin keeler from the late '60s.  Autopilot brain will be B&G Triton based system (NAC-3) and all sensors are connected via NMEA 2000.  My existing wind transducer has bitten the dust and I am trying to figure out if I...
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    New Speed Sensor Options

    Considering switching out my speed sensor and curious if anyone has experience with some of the options I'm looking at.  For background, boat is a 4KSB that occasionally does some beer can racing.  So high level accuracy is not critical, but if I had my druthers I'd like to get decent...
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    Constrictor Clutch to Tension Babystay

    Any reason to avoid this?  My boat has a babystay.  Right now it is attached with a huge highfield lever (probably weighs about 10 pounds) that does not allow you to easily adjust the tension on the stay or remove it when it isn't needed.  I'm considering replacing this with a dyneema cascade...
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    Installation of Polyphaser IS-50 Lightning Protector on VHF

    I'm installing a Polyphaser IS-50 on my VHF antenna.  The instructions indicate that it has to be grounded in order to work properly.  My primary purpose of installing this is to break the DC connection between my boat's electrical system and the VHF Antenna so as to avoid corrosion issues.  I...
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    B&G Tritons Showing Different Readings?

    I have two of the new B&G Triton 2 displays, and they are showing significantly different readings for True Wind Angle.  From what I can see, they both seem to be set up the same way, using the same sources of data, etc., but one consistently shows at least a 5 degree difference in True Wind...
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    Recommendations for Fiberglass Repair and Painting - NY Area

    Looking for recommendations for a shop that can handle significant fiberglass repair work (possibly structural) as well as do a high quality paint job on a 34 footer. She was dropped off her jack stands and may have structural damage to her hull. Boat is located on the north shore of Long...
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    Ultrasonic Wind Options and Questions

    I'm looking at installing an ultrasonic wind sensor. Boat is not a high end racer (early 70s 34 foot masthead sloop), so a high end system is not on the table. I want reliable true and apparent wind, but acknowledge that I'm not going to get incredible accuracy. I've read the various threads...
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    Foreguy Setup Question

    The image below is from a spinnaker setup manual from Selden. Does anyone have experience with this double foreguy arrangement? I'm in the process of getting my boat setup to run the spinnaker. It is a 34 foot masthead with a babystay. The babystay is not easily removed, so this setup would...
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    Systolic - S&S 34 campaigned in the '70s and '80s - Histor

    This is a long shot, but if anyone was involved in racing an S&S 34 named Systolic, I'd be interested in hearing from you. The boat was owned by a cardiologist name Robert Vanvooren and I believe was raced out of Rhode Island or Massachusetts, and then was later owned by a Rhode Island...
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    Fiberglass Specialist near NYC

    Looking for a fiberglass expert somewhere near NYC (boat is in Manhasset Bay). This would be for a significant hull repair job, including paint. If anyone has a recommendation, I'd appreciate it.
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    Fiberglass Specialist near NYC

    Ignore this one and sorry for the double post. GRrrr. Looking for a fiberglass expert somewhere near NYC (boat is in Manhasset Bay). This would be for a significant hull repair job, including paint. If anyone has a recommendation, I'd appreciate it.
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    A Sailing Anarchist, and Much More

    My friend David Friedman, who was known to many as Mott Green, died last week in Grenada. Because he was both an anarchist and a sailor, I thought I would post about it here. David was perhaps the most intense (and impulsive) person I ever had the privilege of spending time with, and he...