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    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    Lot of these so-called professionals looking very amateur.
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    my Cup runneth under

    This is the crux of the issue to me.  Up until 2007 the AC followed one particular part of our sport, that is, leadmine boats.  But our sport is multi-faceted and the Cup is exploring that in the new designs.  And it is following what the new generation of sailors are sailing.  All new designs...
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Auckland gets 1600 ships per year, that isn’t that much as it averages less than 5 per day.  Where places like Singapore has a ship arrive or leave every 2-3 mins.  It is just a simple question of logistics management.  
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    Team Racing

    Need to be on the same leg in match racing
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    Secret Weapons?

    ETNZ missed the Batman opportunity with the naming of their crew: B - Burling A - Ashby T - Tuke M - Maloney A - ? N - ?
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    internet connections in China

    Wifi is everywhere in China. Prob didn't have a VPN (such as ExpressVPN) app on his phone, hence no Facebook updates.
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    The official TDF 2016 thread

    If anyone wants to do an amateur version after being inspired to go ride by the efforts of the TdF riders the past few weeks, highly recommend the Haute Route. Run by OC Sport (who you should know from the Extreme Sailing Series). I did the Haute Route Alps in 2014...
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    2016 moth worlds: Hayama

    So by my calc's Australia lost the ashes. The soul searching commences...
  9. P stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Agree on M2 costs. I sailed them for 5 years and had 4 boats in total. Had a break due to kids. Won't get back in at those prices, out of control.
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    Australian F18 Nationals - Sydney Harbour

    Well done TA!
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    Why is ISAF not cancelling any sanction or participation in Malaysia Malaysia is just crazy politically at present. These 2 sites have details on how the PM Najib had transferred MYR2.6bn (~US$700m) into his personal account as a political donation. There are...
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    Tour de France 2015

    Plus the threatening of lawyers is Lance style... A lot of the riders put their data out in the public on Strava or similar. Example is here:
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    Tour de France 2015

    Problem is the public is sceptical, and tests where micro doping of EPO, HGH and others can't get detected in current tests adds to that (article here: Yes it was an amazing ride...
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    Tour de France 2015

    Another interesting article here: Keeping an average of 6.1+ W/kg for 40 mins is just beyond comprehension. I wonder what his VO2 max is?
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    Tour de France 2015

    2nd stage has really blown things apart, and a good stage to watch too. Nibali and Quintana are already a minute behind the other GC favourites. Puts Uran Uran and Van Garderan in the picture now and will really change the dynamics over the next week. And hopefully Adam Hansen can grit...
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    UK Moth Nationals 15

    Doesn't look right as the bit above the boom looks attached on. As an attachment it isn't a fitting as it doesn't do anything. Also the section below the boom, what's the verdict on that? That is quite big relatively. Interested to measurer verdict.
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    2015 Moth AUS & World Championships (Jan 6th to 16th)

    Comes across a bit like sour grapes. The class isn't just the pro guys, but all the sailors that make the time and effort to be there.
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    2015 Moth AUS & World Championships (Jan 6th to 16th)

    Not surprised by that. At the Belmont worlds that group (Slingsby, Outteridge etc) left the beach very late regularly.
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    2015 Moth AUS & World Championships (Jan 6th to 16th)

    Partly the reason why I dropped out of the class after Garda. The boats are great fun though, but the worlds seem to be getting a bit too much.
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    ETNZ back in Extreme

    Well he was on site in Singapore, so no need for phone calls, just a holler.