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    SORC Days (or was it SORC daze?)

    People have responded to that SORC video. Here's more... and if you want, I'll keep adding more, I have hundreds and hundreds of pictures of people from those sailing days, those docks, those boats, all black and white (none of Larry's drop dead gorgeous color photos of IOR boats here, I had...
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    US Multihull Championships in A Cats

    It has been announced that the next US Multihull Championship for the Hobie Alter Trophy will be raced in A Class cats in Bristol, RI, Sept. 18-21 2014. While A Class cats are technically a one design class, as a development class there are great variations among boats- especially now that...
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    Carbon fiber mast in the sun

    So here's the thing- the gods have smiled and I have a Gulf Coast beach on which I am able to leave a boat. Right now I have a Nacra 5.2 sitting out there, baking in the sun, but pretty much unfazed by UV rays thanks to a tramp cover, and timely replacement of exposed line, shock cord, etc. But...
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    What does Peelman peel?

    So I was bored, nothing new shaking on the AC front, no new pictures... and with the Olympics just finishing up, I'm full of Canadian spirit (or is that the four Molsons and bone of BC skunkweed?) and I got to wondering, just what does Peelman peel? When I first saw his moniker, I figured, oh...
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    Larry buys professional tennis tournament

    from today's NY Times, from Agence France-Presse: Ellison Buys Tournament Larry Ellison, the founder and chief exectutive of the computer firm Oracle, has bought the ATP and WTA hardcourt tournament that has been played in Indian Wells, Calif. since 1976. The deal includes the stadium and...