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    Anyone been to the BVI this season?

    Of course mex has nothing to do with the bvi. But it wouldn’t be SA without a solid thread drift. love to get this back on track...
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    Anyone been to the BVI this season?

    thanks, that is good info/helpful
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    Anyone been to the BVI this season?

    I’m more bemused by my country’s rules. How is it safer for the US to allow people to enter via a ferry from Tortola->st thomas->us mainland than a plane? If you want virus security, have good security not porous half-assed security. 
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    Anyone been to the BVI this season?

    Keen insight. 
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    Anyone been to the BVI this season?

    Just wondering if anyone has actually gone through it. At the moment you have to: get travel insurance get negative test 5days before entry take another test upon arrival quarantine for 4 days take another test on day 4 wait for results of 4th day test then you can get off the boat...
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    Anyone been to the BVI this season?

    Trying to get a better handle on the practical logistics and what you can/can’t do these days. thanks
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    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    The canadian entries didn't decide not to compete because Mac island would be off limits.  It is tough for them to compete when the Canadian's have closed their border to all non-essential, and sailing is considered non-essential.  So US boats that have Canadian residents as crew members have to...
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    Port Huron to Mac Race

    I know Chris, and I would say that I can’t think of a better race chairman to have this year. 
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    BVI on a cat in with route etc

    Anegada worth the hump?
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    BVI on a cat in with route etc

    It has been 10yrs since I've raced in the BVI, I did it annually about 10times, but that has to be 10-15yrs ago. This year 3 families have chartered a cat out of Tortolla.  We will go Sat->Sat, 2:3 families have extensive sailing experience.  There will be 7kids ages 6-13 on board.  Any...
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    your opinion on race trackers in real time ie Yellow Brick?

    just curious if there is a consensus amongst the group-do you like/hate real-time race tracking?  As a competitor, I'd rather see a 2hr+ delay so folks at the back of the fleet don't get to use the leaders as mine sweepers.   any thoughts? -cubfan
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    Cleanup of Pac Garbage patch-The Revolutionary Giant Ocean Cleanup Machine Is About To Set Sail

    not certain if this is the correct place to post, but thought others would also have interest in something so positive.  Let's hope it works...
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    Hinkley Yachts unveils "worlds first fully electric luxury yacht"

    Hinckley Yachts Unveils World’s First Fully Electric Luxury Boat 2017-09-14 17:15:07.368 GMT By Matthew Kronsberg      (Bloomberg) -- When Bob Dylan went electric, jamming Maggie’s Farm on his sunburst Fender Stratocaster at Rhode Island’s 1965 Newport Folk Festival, he changed the world and...
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    any experience/ideas for bareboat in the BVI?

    Not sure if I should post here or in cruising anarchy (If in the wrong place please feel free to move with my apologies). Three families are thinking of chartering a cat in the BVI this spring (6 adults 7kids 10&under).  We have been saving and talking about this for a while and it seems...
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    Who do you want to win the cup?

    Just wondering who the Sailing Anarchy masses are pulling for and why...
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    bow teams wearing helmets??

    wtf? when did people start doing this...
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    ramp it up

    love it on alegre...(not that I've sailed it) re the bitch winch, good chance you could use it easily from the companion way etc.
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    Newport -Bermuda 2016

    I'd say for two reasons: 1) the IOR boats were built stronger and had a deeper V to the hull. With these new planing style big boats, when you come off a big wave and hit the trough flat it hurts-the boat pounds and wise man always say "wind doesn't break boats-waves do". 2) if you look at the...
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    Newport -Bermuda 2016

    After Commanche what big boats are left??
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    2017 Pineapple Cup??

    I've done the race 3 times, I have no experience with the current race management. I'm also not aware of them "shit talking" other events-can you enlighten me? I know you are dying to. I think the problem with Jamaica is a few things: 1) the island has fairly bad/rough reputation 2)...