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    Solid Shock Cord

    In the past, I was able to purchase a solid shock cord from APS that lasted in the sun for years.  Any idea where I can get it now?
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    From the front page

    Why is there no info about the reason that Michel Kleinjans, on Roaring Forty had a harrowing final approach? He either hit a ship or the ship hit him. ISN'T this the story that should be told. What you couldn't find out that information? It is on the race website. You could have at least...
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    Kiteboarding gone BAD

    Check this dude out. It definitely was not his day.
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    Garmin pissing me off

    I have two Garmin GPS units. One handheld and one fixed unit. Both take the G charts which they no longer make or support at any price. Now the fixed unit is having a display problem and they will no longer repair the unit and they don't even have parts for me to get it repaired by the local...
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    March 14th Male version of Valentines Day

    Tomorrow is the male version of Valentines Day, Steak and BJ. Make sure you let your girl know all about it. Send her to this link Good luck with it. My girl thinks it is a great way to celebrate life. :P