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    Anyone been to the BVI this season?

    Trying to get a better handle on the practical logistics and what you can/can’t do these days. thanks
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    BVI on a cat in with route etc

    It has been 10yrs since I've raced in the BVI, I did it annually about 10times, but that has to be 10-15yrs ago. This year 3 families have chartered a cat out of Tortolla.  We will go Sat->Sat, 2:3 families have extensive sailing experience.  There will be 7kids ages 6-13 on board.  Any...
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    your opinion on race trackers in real time ie Yellow Brick?

    just curious if there is a consensus amongst the group-do you like/hate real-time race tracking?  As a competitor, I'd rather see a 2hr+ delay so folks at the back of the fleet don't get to use the leaders as mine sweepers.   any thoughts? -cubfan
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    Cleanup of Pac Garbage patch-The Revolutionary Giant Ocean Cleanup Machine Is About To Set Sail

    not certain if this is the correct place to post, but thought others would also have interest in something so positive.  Let's hope it works...
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    Hinkley Yachts unveils "worlds first fully electric luxury yacht"

    Hinckley Yachts Unveils World’s First Fully Electric Luxury Boat 2017-09-14 17:15:07.368 GMT By Matthew Kronsberg      (Bloomberg) -- When Bob Dylan went electric, jamming Maggie’s Farm on his sunburst Fender Stratocaster at Rhode Island’s 1965 Newport Folk Festival, he changed the world and...
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    any experience/ideas for bareboat in the BVI?

    Not sure if I should post here or in cruising anarchy (If in the wrong place please feel free to move with my apologies). Three families are thinking of chartering a cat in the BVI this spring (6 adults 7kids 10&under).  We have been saving and talking about this for a while and it seems...
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    Who do you want to win the cup?

    Just wondering who the Sailing Anarchy masses are pulling for and why...
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    bow teams wearing helmets??

    wtf? when did people start doing this...
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    Cold weather/winter sailing gloves??

    just wondering what anyone out there uses for cold wet weather sailing gloves ie if you were frost biting or big boat/cold weather sailing. thanks -paul
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    Jamaica Race...

    I have no idea why this race isn't more popular. I've done, and I love it. Today's start looks like it could be lumpy getting across the stream, but could be a quick race. Unfortunate they have a total of 12 boats entered.
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    what do you think it costs to do sydney->hobart?

    obviously a massively broad question. Assume: existing 70ft boat lying on US east coast. What does it cost to get it delivered to/from? Most other costs (crew, hotels, food, etc) I can estimate. I'm guessing you could "save" some by taking her there on her bottom but that would be a...
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    what are the "great" ocean races?

    I was talking to a friend of mine about what was left on his "checklist" of great bluewater no particular order I came up with: Sydney Hobart TransPac TransAtlantic Newport Bermuda Fastnet Pineapple Cup/Jamaica Race Middle Sea Race RORC Caribbean 600 of course you have Volvo...
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    who makes a really DARK lense? Kaenon isn't dark enough. thanks
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    Kaenon Sunglasses

    G12, G28, G40 C12, C28, C50 Y35 How the hell do you pick the lenses you want? Looking mail order so I can't try them on before. Will use them for sailing and street. thanks
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    Poll-is Dicko done with the AC?

    Just wondering if we will see Dicko in another AC campaign. Personally I can't imagine him being able to get another job, perhaps if Larry is still fond of him he will stick around in some administration capacity but I think his sailing days are over. What say you?