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    What is it?

    Sitting in Gustavia harbor in St. Barts but lists it's home port as Road Bay, Anguilla.  Looked to be in the 26-28 foot range... extra-large bumper on stern for scale.
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    Spouting off in Belize

    Spent the last few weeks cruising in Belize.  We were sailing south as storms were rolling down the coast, with most of the bad weather staying over land.  This one crept up on us from behind with a nice whistling sound. It veered inland when it got within about a 1/2 mile of us.  We only...
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    New Round the World record
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    This point in the presser is the turning point

    Went back and watched the press conference after OTUSA lost the race that set them back 8-1. This point in the press conference seems to be the fateful comments by Dean and James... "if we could get another win that would be great" followed by nervous laughter; followed by "it can be done"...
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    Oracle official challenger

    Just reported on NY radio station