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    hong kong vietnam race 2010

    Coming up in 2 weeks time. The China Coast Regatta in Hong Kong and the race to Vietnam. Usually great racing in Hong Kong and a 650nm downhill slide to Nha Trang.
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    Hi Fi for sale

    Strong rumours here in Subic Bay, the Philippines that the Welbourne 53 "Hi Fi" is for sale. What will this mean for the Neil Pryde team and who will take on this successful boat?
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    4 days pittwater to hamilton island

    So I hear Wild Joe the RP60 canting keeler sailed from Pittwater to Hamilton Island in just under four days in delivery mode last week. That's pretty quick and an average of about 10kn. Anybody done or heard of it being done quicker?
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    Limit RP63 program stalled?

    I hear Limit not doing Audi regatta March 7/8. Anyone know any details?
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    China Sea Race 08 who's going?

    China Sea Race 08 starts next Thurs. Should be a good race from Hong Kong to Subic Bay. Good fleet of boats entered...
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    "Bounder" upside down

    Any uk anarchists have any info on the "Bounder" incident. Was this the brand new boat or an old Bounder which was a Farr 45? Has the boat sunk?