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    Single handed - lowering laminated mainsail.

    Previously sailing single handed I used a classical nylon mainsail. Lowering the mainsail in windy conditions was not a problem, because I didnt have to worry that much about damaging the material. Now the new mainsail is with Lite Skin from Dimension Polyant and it has to be folded nicely on...
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    is there a way to calculate ORC GPH rating yourself?

    Is there a public option to calculate your boat ORC rating?
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    How much slower i am with a dacron mainsail

    I am choosing a new mainsail for the season. Handicap racing, not one design. How many seconds per mile will I loose with a good crosscut dacron mainsail, rather than a new Liteskin tri-radial main? There was a nice discussion about this 14 years ago in this forum, maybe experiences have...
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    Hull job / again

    Removing old antifouling. Dont know the type used. Can anyone suggest if it is needed to sand off the primer layer also (I think the gray layer is primer) so it will be full white gelcoat? gray - top, last layer of antifouling (not on pictures, pressure washer took it off) bronze - antifouling...