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    red light camera violation

    So I get a citation in the mail today indicating I ran a red light in Suffolk County NY.  There's even pictures to prove it.  However I was 207 miles away at work and the vehicle the plate was on is a Jeep SUV.  My plates are on a Miata.  It appears either the software didn't read the plate...
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    outhaul advice

    I'm redoing my outhaul while my boat's on the hard. currently set up with 3:1 external block system and I plan on adding an internal 3:1 or 4:1. The boat is a Cal25. Opinions on which would be better? Thanks!!
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    anemometer and wind angle

    Does anybody have any experience with this little meter? Looking to get a little more instrumentation and this caught my attention. Thanks for your input!
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    Bottom Fishing

    On Craigslist. Casual encounters had this post: I need a friend with a boat - w4m - 27 (Near by)age : 27 Sick of boring summers and looking for a new friend to spend time with on the water... Single 27 female... Burnett blue eyes thin build... Send pics pleasedo NOT contact me with unsolicited...
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    Why Blondes should stick to coffee
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    Good News!

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    Hardener question

    I'm almost through laminating a new mast beam to replace the old plywood beam. Using resawed white oak and african mahogany. I having been using one coating of 205206 neat then same mix with 403 and mahog flour for color. I don't have enough 206 hardener to finish the job but I have fresh 209...
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    Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?

    Things are quiet today. How about some new reading material: