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    Vendee Globe 2020

    I think there is some good news. 
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    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    You think they would do this without having the replacement section ready? When is Gold Coast race?
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    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Pittwater Coffs race done also?
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    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    its gone. new keel.
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    RORC TransAtlantic Race

    Varuna going back?
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    Race Replays

    thanks for doing these
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    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    boom broke basically above vang
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    Starting Signals, OCS and Redress

    How did the first 2 yachts know what course to sail? Was the AP the only flag showing? Surprising you can get redress for being retarded.
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    Alinghi launch

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    Hobart Scene

    lets see. does a swearing, fighting, sometimes pissed idiot who has no real sailing nor boating knowledge fit the bill?
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    Sydney to Hobart 2008

    is zana still lying in the UK somewhere? When does new limit hit the water? anyone have some build pics?
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    Official 2008-2009 VOR Thread

    What new sails are they getting in Cape Town?
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    Speedboat/Virgin FINALLY leaving?

    onboard footage is what i expected the vor would produce. good stuff
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    Very Exciting News From TNZ

    anyone know who is behind Australia First team?
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    Foulie Colors

    he is right - 98
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    Official 2008-2009 VOR Thread

    delta lloyd
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    O'Rourke confirms VOR Entry!

    um would that have been a VO60?
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    Maxi Worlds report

    Ericisson boys on Alfa Junior, Alfa 98 there also with usual suspects Sorry reread your post
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    go slow, fuck it up, you wont be asked to do mast again. offer to steer instead, much easier on the arms.
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    Ken Read on BCN in Boston

    Puma pays the bills - they are the boss, he manages / allocates the money they provide Good interview either way