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  1. dtoc

    CYC Race to Mackinac - Front Page

    @Editor Providence won the Chicago-Mackinac Trophy, for the slower half of the fleet.  nosuprise (J-111) won the original Mackinac Cup, for the faster half of the fleet.
  2. dtoc

    kill the olympics

    Ed posted a piece suggesting that the 2021 Olympics should be cancelled due to "high" covid case rates in Japan. Japan has managed Covid so well that a small increase suddenly is creating an outsized response. California only got below the per capita rate of Japan's spike last week but has...
  3. dtoc

    Canting keel forces

    Much discussion has been put up in boards on why the canting keel systems are failing, including support structure, ram pistons and hydraulics. I thought it might be interesting to look at the forces involved and the equipment used to exert them. The canting keel works in a lever mechanism...