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    Why are people in the Fastnet race sailing with a dirty bottom?

    Use black antifouling, you cant see the weed growth then.....
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    How about a The Ocean Race Europe thread?

    The boat can't help it, its built into its DNA (consider its previous life!!)
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    How about a The Ocean Race Europe thread?

    Bringing breeze up from behind......according to
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    IOR Lives!

    Hey, i remember the PNG Admirals Cup team at Berthons in 1983. I was an apprentice there, apart from Di Hard, the other memorable thing was their boat car that had loads of flattened beer tins rivetted to the body work.
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    BBC reporting a yacht sunk near Indonesia

    It was the 98ft Sailing Yacht Asia.
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    Three Rescued from Sinking Yacht off Portsmouth

    That will be a Sunsail Match First 40 from Port Solent.
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    Fastnet 2019

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    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Rescue has just made lead item on BBC news in UK.
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    Mellow Yellow...

    Not sure about the yellow boat, but the green boat in the background is Xplore, an old BT Global Challenge 67' up for sale at Berthon's!
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    Live Racing Thread

    Thanks mate. Saved the day. BT switched the AC to BT Sport 2 which you have to pay extra for. Awesome race.
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    VOR 2017-18

    Thanks for clearing that up. Though never saw any footage of them dropping the rig on the reef.
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    VOR 2017-18

    I thought that the Vestas was a new build. From the reports I saw, In the end they threw away the wreck as beyond repair and built a new boat? So not a Frankenboat.
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    Is it too late to go back to the AC72s??

    Had a quiet afternoon in the office, so just watched re-runs of AC finals in San Francisco 2013 on You Tube. Still fantastic racing and video footage. Can't believe that next AC will be as exciting as the AC72's. Plus the difficulty in trying to watch it. I have not actually managed to find any...
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    VOR Leg 9 Lorient to Gothenburg via The Hague

    Well done Abu Dhabi. You've won a waste paper bin from Ikea.
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    AC 35, AC72mk2, 2017, SF.

    Just watched the Extreme 40's racing in Nice. Amazing how slow they looked compared to what we have just seen in San Francisco.
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    New Clipper 70: If a Volvo 70 and a Winnebago had a baby

    Estar, I'm afraid you are confusing them with Chay Blyth's Challenge yachts. There are 3 of the 67's down in Ushaia doing the Antarctic runs. One of them refuelled Bernard Stamms Vendee ride recently. Challenge yachts and races were always better than Clipper, but Challenge spent more money on...
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    Vendee Globe 2012

    Thanks to Popo for the translations of all the videos. The interview with Armel was brilliant, would never have got it without the translation. thanks again.
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    Vendee Globe 2012

    This Challenge 67 is the old "Motorola" from the 1996 race. Must be three of the 67's down there now.
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    Vendee Globe 2012

    Brilliant coverage. Really feel ready for the start now. Have you got Vincent Riou innerview coming up?
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    VOR Leg 7

    Puma have gone back again. I reckon 4 miles ahead of teletubbies