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    Winds north of San Francisco

    Harbor hopping you will also spend a lot of time sailing east and west - maybe more than going offshore. The problem with thinking you will run for cover is, as you note, the bar must be timed for tide and seaway. Not a luxury that is always easily arranged. When we came down a couple of years...
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    Winds north of San Francisco

    There are a lot of places to stop on that coast, but many of them are untenable when it is blowing. Only a very few are enterable in any weather.
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    Raymarine GPS adaptor cable?

    What are you networking? I think the 9" Axiom has a built in GPS receiver. To network instruments from an older system, they are going to be SeaTalk most likely, and the Axiom doesn't talk SeaTalk. You will need the SeaTalk to STNg adapter black box, then you can probably hook the SeaTalk...
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    Old Axiom to new

    The new Axiom will come with the cable. If the run is long and buried, I'd just splice it (power) to the new cable close to the Axiom where you can get at it. All of Raymarine's installation manuals, old and new, are available free on their website and will explain exactly what you had, and...
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    Old Axiom to new

    Any new Axiom comes with the cable in the box. Where did you get this one? The manual will say the exact part number and you can buy one or go fishing on ebay.
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    just wtf..

    The mast has backstays, a bunch of them actually. They do not interfere with a tack (or gybe) because the sail never crosses the center of the boat. It goes over the top of them. It is a clever solution to an invented problem, inventing with it a bunch of other problems.
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    Does anyone know VolvoPenta D2-60 vs. D2-75

    The S130 seems to share the same workshop manual as my S150 so it must be equivalent. There have been complaints about the S120. The 2:19 ratio was proposed by more than one prop manufacturer as being close enough to potentially cause a problem. Again I could not prove this. Along with 3...
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    Does anyone know VolvoPenta D2-60 vs. D2-75

    I'd go with the D2-50 if it has the S150 drive (and the smaller one has something different). The S150 is made by ZF/Hurth and seems more robust than the smaller ones made by Volvo. More unsolicited advice: Use a 3 blade, not a 4 blade prop. I settled on the 3 blade Autostream feathering. The...
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    Does anyone know VolvoPenta D2-60 vs. D2-75

    Don't know about the D2-60 or -50 but I suspect these are the same engine (or a successor) to the D2-55 and D2-75. I am quite familiar with those latter two. They are a Caterpillar/Perkins/Shibaura block marinized by Volvo. The Shibaura engine is made by IHI an is in a lot of industrial...
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    Homebuilt Pump out apparatus

    I'd try a HomeDepot Buckethead (Lowes has an equivalent). This is a very inexpensive (<$25) shop vac type motor that goes on top of a 5 gallon bucket. It has a cult following. Some of the people using them for vacuum generation are cutting the rim off of a second bucket and putting it inside the...
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    Beware of “Phil Bloom”

    If you want to meet a very interesting class of characters, advertise something - nearly anything - FREE on Craigslist. I gave up on this and just tried putting stuff on the street at the end of the driveway with a "FREE" sign on it. Sometimes took several days to get rid of it. Then I struck...
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    Anybody ever put starboard in a thickness planer?

    I've run a portable planer (Porter Cable with a helical blade) on Starboard without a problem. You may have a problem going to 1/8" thoug - the remaining thickness is going to be floppy and might not feed through the platten and feed rollers of a stationary. I don't think I'd be too worried...
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    Clear coat for Carbon Bow Sprit

    What you need to do is paint it with white Awlgrip, then imagine it to be clear carbon whenever you look at it. I clear coated mine 3 times now, and next time it's gonna be white. Or maybe a vinyl wrap with simulated carbon.
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    Drawdown of Cruising Inventory: The End is Nigh.

    The unfortunate thing about listing unwanted fiberglass boats for sale is it does not make them vanish. So marina infrastructure continues to be overloaded.
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    Inverted hydraulic vangs, problems, Revelations, ruminations, and esoterica....

    That is how it would preferably be done. The oil can then be vacuum degassed and stay that way. However that is an example of a closed hydraulic accumulator, with either a bladder, diaphram, or floating piston separating the gas and oil. This one was designed with a free surface. Converting...
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    Fastening to LDPE

    Stainess T nuts will work a lot better than helicoils, even the ones for wood (with teeth to prevent rotation). Alternatively since the piece is likely thickish, spot face the back side with a Forstner bit so the nuts can be buried. LDPE is very soft, but if thick enough would hold threads for...
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    Drawdown of Cruising Inventory: The End is Nigh.

    This happened at least 20 - 30 years ago. Didn't stop many of them from buying a sailboat.
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    Anyone here using the Wakespeed 500 regulator? Having an issue....

    Yeah, that's not it. It is happening at charge rates of <60A, there is 3/0 cable from where the sense is connected to the battery. Also the regulator and the Victron (which senses at the battery post) agree on voltage. Can't connect the regulator sense to the battery post due to some wiring...
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    12v Battery monitor system

    Of course you use what works for you. SOC and AH used are the same information on a normal battery meter (they are directly related by the capacity). The problem I have with the Balmar meter is you do not know what it is using for the capacity, this is number it comes up with and changes over...
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    Installing G10 backer plates.

    On a backing plate, you aren't concerned with it pulling away. You just want it sitting level and and not on just 3 high points. The bedding fills that in. Also, epoxying it keeps it from sliding sideways, increasing the resistance to shear tear out. But as Zonk says, these are only #10 screws -...